Get Lean and Clean This Summer

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Get Lean and Clean This Summer

Get Lean and Clean This Summer with Detox Delight’s Stay Liquid till Lunch Boxes


Dubai – UAE-based Detox Delight is helping people get leaner and cleaner this summer with their innovative Stay Liquid Till Lunch boxes, boasting six juices to be consumed over three days! Forget the myth of breakfast needing to be the biggest meal of the day, which normally leaves one feeling sluggish and tired in the morning, and opt instead for two delicious juices, jam-packed with all the nutrients and vitamins our body needs to really kick-start the day!


Have Detox Delight juice for breakfast and once again as a mid-morning snack and then eat regular food from lunchtime onwards. This gives the body a real boost, with the nutrients being absorbed more easily and much quicker than when the body is slowed down by morning toast or sugary cereal.


“By starting your day with one of our delicious smoothies or juices, you are getting all the vital nutrients and enzymes into your body from the moment you get out of bed” says Nicole Junghaenel, Managing Partner of Detox Delight UAE. “There will be more time for your body to digest and make good use of these nutrients, as you are giving yourself the whole day to really absorb all of the vitamins, and with the hot weather outside this is exactly what our bodies need.”
The Detox Delight Stay Liquid Till Lunch box  is easy to follow and will ensure body and mind are rejuvenated and refreshed in just three days.The lunch box contains 3x500ml Green Juices and 3x500ml Super Green Juices. After the initial three-day start, the green juices can be substituted for a delicious cold-pressed juice from the finest organic ingredients including apple, pineapple, pear, Swiss chard, spinach, zucchini, cucumber, fennel, coconut water, ginger, lime, mint and many more delicious fruits and vegetables.


Detox Delight wants to add that little last minute push to help you get bikini ready this summer! For all regular detox treatments purchased during the month of June, starting Friday May 30th, clients will receive a six-day programme instead of five! In addition, a complimentary cool bag will be provided keeping the juices fresh over the summer months.


For more information on the range of Detox Delight products available or to kick start your detox plan today, email or call 04-338 3565. For those wanting to continue their detox into the Holy Month of Ramadan, all liquid Detox Delight treatments are available for delivery to your home or office.




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