Sensational Summertime

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Sensational Summertime

Sensational Summertime

With Hervé Gambs Luxury Home Fragrances


As the rays of sunshine sprinkle light onto your home furnishings, allow the room to be awakened with a dash of bright colour and a fresh aroma from Hervé Gambs this summertime.

Hervé Gambs has been dedicated to the art of fragrance, beauty and home decor since 1989. His unique collection of luxury interior fragrances took the world’s most in vogue cities by storm, creating the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, especially this Eid.


Here’s the TOP FIVE PICKS for summer to help you enjoy all of the emotion of “the nature of the world”, each fragranced with the most beautiful and sensual aromas:


  1. Add a splash of outdoors to your interior with the Hervé Gambs Cube Couture Orchid Flowers (small AED 395). A stunning vase with four orchid flowers, perfumed to perfection, the hand painted fabric flowers are arranged and available in bright summery red, green and purple.
  2. Perhaps the natural bouquet is more to your home style? The Hervé Gambs Couture Amaryllis (AED 795) is a delightfully fragranced bunch of hand painted flowers with lush and long green stems. The light red and deep red blooms will give warmth to your interiors.
  3. Rose Love Couture (AED 230) is an iconic Hervé Gambs design. The mini glass vases filled with bright and beautiful hand painted flowers are available an array of warm summer colours. With three different flower arrangements to choose from and a choice of a black or white cubed vase accompanied by a gift box, this could be the perfect Eid present for loved ones.
  4. Perfume your rooms with an intimate experience of the outdoors. The Hervé Gambs Herbe Intense (AED 220) can be sprayed in the air or onto the Hervé Gambs couture flowers. This powerful scent gives an aroma of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day. All ingredients are natural and come from France.
  5. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Hervé Gambs Fragranced Candle (AED 240). The Noir de Cassis is a rich blackcurrant scent and with a burning time of 50 hours, this candle will set your summer alight in harmony.


The Hervé Gambs range is available in Bloomingdales Home, Dubai Mall. Why not welcome the world of nature into your home this summer.


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About Hervé Gambs

Hervé Gambs is a French architect and setting designer, who launched in 1989 the eponymous range of luxury home fragrances and couture flowers. He is known for a certain type of vegetal design, labelled as the ‘néonature’ style, inspired by delicate plants and flowers from around the world. Hervé Gambs creations are exquisite floral compositions and formulations designed for contemporary urban spaces and are available at the brand’s boutiques in Paris, London, New York, Geneva, Hong Kong, Athens, and through other exclusive retail outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit


Natasha Hatherall | Julia Purcaru


T: +971 (0)55 3100896 | +971 (0)50 6505618



For product distribution inquiries, please contact:

Adel F. Arslan

Bedrock Prestige Middle East

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