An Elixir of Youth!

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An Elixir of Youth


An Elixir of Youth!

REYNE has developed exclusive formulas, notably composed of Argan Pearls – i.e. unique blends of legendary
oils as Gold Prickly Pear oil, Gold essential oil mix, and the Argan Gold oil.!

Resulting from the adequate combination of time-honoured tradition and innovative technology nano-emulsion,
our products work in perfect harmony with the skin. They reveal its full radiance and respect its delicate balance.!
The composition of Argan Pearls is specifically adapted to each product and product range in order to meet the
skin’s needs and slow down the signs of its aging. These precious elixirs made of exceptional plant oils – diffuse
all their properties to enhance the radiance and beauty of your skin.!

Velvety textures, delicate fragrances, a most elegant and utterly refined design: a genuine ode to travel.!

U N I Q U E F A C E C R E A M – 50ML!

The divinely light and soft Unique face cream stimulates the beauty
of your skin.!

The high concentration of Argan Pearls supports tired skin by
protecting it, revitalizing it and bringing it an immediate sensation of
lightness and comfort. !

Acting as a messenger, a Matrikine peptide takes part in cellular
restructuring and skin repair. It reinforces the skin’s repair processes,
notably at the dermis level, for effective wrinkle reduction.!

Your skin is radiantly beautiful.!

How to use!

Delicately apply on your face and neck, massaging from the inside of your
face to the outside, from your chin to your forehead, and from your chin to
your neck.!

Active ingredients!

Argan oil, pure liquid gold!
The argan tree – emblematic of Southern Morocco – bears ovoid fruit
containing kernels from which golden yellow oil is extracted. Argan oil is
endowed with highly moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating properties.!

Prickly pear oil!

Prickly pears can stand extremely harsh conditions. Prickly pear oil is a
miracle ingredient against free radicals responsible for skin aging.!

Price : 366 AED !

REYNE SARL registred in Paris Chamber under registration number 490415049 !
17-19 rue Mesnil 75016 Paris – FRANCE

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