New Timing for Morning Yoga at THE BEACH

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New Timing for Morning Yoga at THE BEACH

New Timing for Morning Yoga by the Sea at THE BEACH


Event:             Morning Yoga

Date:               Ongoing until end-June 2014

Timing:           Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30am – 7:30am

Venue:            THE BEACH, opposite JBR – next to Joe’s Café

Brief:              Rise and Shine with a holistic yoga session at THE BEACH. The outdoor leisure and entertainment venue announces revised timings for ‘Yoga by the Sea’ with immediate effect for the summer season. Classes will now run from 6:30am – 7:30am.


Try hatha yoga and awaken your senses at THE BEACH, Dubai’s must-visit seaside destination for revitalizing stretches on the lawn. The sessions will help relieve stress, build strength and increase your flexibility and endurance.


*Please wear conservative clothing and bring your personal yoga mat, towel and water.


Entry:              Free access to the public

Registration:  Mandatory and can be completed at prior to the sessions.

Please provide name, contact number and day of preference.


**Interested participants should complete pre-registration online to attend classes.






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