ARTDECO’s Glam Vintage collection

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ARTDECO's Glam Vintage collection

ARTDECO’s Glam Vintage collection, reminiscing the opulence of the 1920s, unveiled

Dubai The legendary twenties – no other era comes close to the fascination of this decade which represented a revolutionary era even from a fashion perspective: reservedly elegant during the day but glamorous and sophisticated in the evening. The new feminine Glam Vintage collection by ARTDECO takes us back to the opulence of the 1920s.

The ARTDECO ultra-light “avant-garde” Illuminating Fluid in a practical pump dispenser lends skin a rejuvenated radiance and is ideal for sculpting and perfecting skin. During application, the texture glides smoothly across skin leaving an even and elegant shimmer. High-tech ingredients ensure added radiance and stability while softening lines and minor wrinkles. In order to enhance the natural skin tone, the fragrant Illuminating Fluid can also be combined with a day cream, foundation or body lotion while Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid provide extra nourishment.

The unscented “avant-garde” Glam Vintage Compact Powder leaves a transparent shimmering finish. These delicate, finely-ground powder particles blend perfectly with skin. The paraben-free Glam Vintage Compact Powder is suitable for emphasizing the upper cheeks and can also be used for highlighting eyebrows or cleavage. Available in an elegant designer compact with integrated mirror, the powder is ideal for use on the move.

Comprising three elegant shades, the Glam Vintage Highlighter combines a highlighter and eye shadow powder in one. The Glam Vintage Highlighter in “glamorous amethyst” No. 4 offers various gradations in pink-violet while “glamorous starlite” No. 5 offers beige-brown nuances. Attractively and elegantly packed, the unscented highlighter can also be applied using a brush or applicator. Its delicate texture immerses eyelids in a sea of sparkling lights while the unscented Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream in “brown” No. 4 and “moonlight” No. 7 sets luxurious highlights on eyes, cheeks and cleavage.

The perfect combination of three delicate pastel colors with an elegant shimmer is offered by the “glamorous liaison” Glam Vintage Blusher which is free of mineral oils. This unscented lusher is distinguished by its great color intensity and stability while Vitamins C and E provide extra nourishment. Free of parabens and lanolin, the Glam Vintage Blusher adds a touch of glamour to any look.

The Glam Vintage Eyelashes gives you a guaranteed irresistible look. Hand-made strip lashes No. 26 which can be easily applied and re-used thanks to transparent eyelash adhesive consolidate and lengthen natural eyelashes. The Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner in “silver” No. 2 and “silvered teak” No. 9 ensure some clever effects in the form of fine glitter particles embedded in a transparent gel texture. The liner brush is easy to use and achieves consistent color application.

Glam Vintage Lash Designer “black” No. 11 makes for expressive eye make-up: this unscented mascara combines extra volume, optical extension, perfect eyelash separation and shaping as well as a sensational sweep. Natural wax extracted from rice bran nourishes eyelashes each time it is applied. This fast-drying mascara is eminently suitable for sensitive eyes.

The Glam Vintage Lipstick emphasizes lips in “glamorous kiss” No. 312, “glamorous valentine” No. 316 and “glamorous flirt” No. 338. The lipstick offers an ideal balance between a longer lasting hold and intensive opacity. Thanks to the texture provided by candelilla, carnauba and beeswax, this silicone-free Glam Vintage Lipstick is gentle and protective on lips.  Optically full and glossy lips are created by the Glam Stars Lip Gloss in “glam star valentine” No. 18 and “glam star kiss” No. 24 where fine glitter particles in the transparent texture make lips sparkle.

This glamorous look is rounded off by Ceramic Nail Lacquer whose “iridescent red” No. 380, “iridescent blue” No. 382 and “iridescent green” No. 384 draws particular attention to nails during the festive season. The nail varnish contains patented ceramic particles making it more resistant and ensuring long-lasting gloss. Polyester resin speeds up drying times as well as reducing discoloration. The high-quality nylon fibers on the brush are perfectly coordinated to the formulation while the brush guarantees particularly consistent application.


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