Ian Somerhalder becomes the Azzaro Pour Homme man

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Ian Somerhalder becomes the Azzaro Pour Homme man

Ian Somerhalder becomes the Azzaro Pour Homme man.

New face, new style for the iconic scent of masculine seduction.

“I like the idea that the Azzaro Pour Homme fragrance has literally been around the world seducing women.” Ian Somerhalder

He has attracted millions of fans around the world, as the lead character in the internationally successful TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, a handsome male vampire who finds fulfillment in his thirst for seduction.

Followed by 3.6 million fans on Facebook and totaling over 3.5 million hits on Google, this American actor, model and producer enjoys established international fame. Environmentally conscious, he created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in 2010 to inform and educate people about environmentally-friendly actions. He strives to raise awareness on the environment, animal rights and clean energy sources.

Somerhalder is now lending his image to a fragrance that, as well as resembling him in terms of temperament – a first for a great men’s classic!-, is now refillable and therefore more environmentally-friendly.


Ian Somerhalder lights up the new Azzaro Pour Homme press, digital and TV campaigns

“I think that when a man wears fragrance, he instinctively knows that this is above all for the benefit of others. The intention of seduction is always there.” Ian Somerhalder

On the black and white visual, in keeping with the previous campaign, Ian Somerhalder spontaneously and unmistakably embodies the new Azzaro Pour Homme man. Charismatic style, virile elegance and just the right touch of self-confidence, he personifies the modern seducer.

For the first time, the Azzaro Pour Homme communication campaign takes the form of a video clip, to showcase a story of “modern seduction” between a man, Ian Somerhalder, and a woman, Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros. The duo enthralls us with their sense of glamour, playfulness and seductive instinct, as well as the intensity in their eyes… a certain romantic tension begins a new chapter in the saga of Azzaro Pour Homme.

The commercial was directed by Swedish Jonas Akerlund; the visual was shot by French photographer David Bellemère.



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