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Victoria Strange Couture Creates

Victoria Strange Couture Creates Sartorial Waves in Bridal Wear

Dubai design house offers hand-crafted evening and bridal dresses by ESMOD alumnus Olga Nurek

The only thing ‘strange’ about Victoria Strange Couture in Dubai is the work ethic of its chief designer, Olga Nurek. Even in a city known for a rapidly evolving sartorial scene with many designers plying their creative trade, new entrant Victoria Strange Couture is making people sit up and take notice.

Perhaps it’s that Olga Nurek is clearly passionate about her craft. Or that her hands on approach mean every dress is painstakingly crafted and individualised by the trained couturier, resulting in stunningly beautiful fitted creations.

“I am lucky in that my day job involves pursuing my first love. I love designing, and am fortunate that I can look at any woman and immediately imagine her looking her absolute best in one of my designs. I can see exactly what will look good on people of varying body types, and want to bring out their most flattering aspects,” says Olga. “For me, it’s also the sense of occasion that a special gown engenders. Every time a customer walks in, I get incredibly excited about creating the perfect wearable complement to their special occasion.”

Olga is an award winning designer on a mission. She creates stunning gowns that fit perfectly and enhance the beauty of any woman. It is however her work ethic that sets her apart. She’s available in person for every single fitting to ensure each of her creations drapes to perfection. Every single nuance is examined for an ideal fit.

Olga’s ESMOD training holds her in good stead. For over 170 years, the school has been a bastion for designers, drafters and related professionals. The school is known for its rigour and ability to dovetail creative inspiration with professionalism.

“My work ethic involves creating the best possible fit, both physically and psychologically. I pay attention to the minutest details to ensure the gown or evening dress fits perfectly. But I also want my clients’ individualism and personality to shine through, and try fitting my creations perfectly not just to their physique but also their culture,” Olga explains.

Victoria Strange Couture set be one of the leading design houses in the UAE. With Olga at the designing helm, the house is now turning its gaze towards the not very distant catwalks and runways of Europe.

Olga will be launching her very own design school towards the end of 2013. Victoria Strange Couture Institute will have four programs, each consisting of three month courses. As well as passing on her Esmod University training, Olga will be teaching her students her own unique techniques, which she learnt through experience and practice from the age of eight.



About Victoria Strange Couture:

Olga launched her brand, Victoria Strange Couture in 2010, after a successful career with other leading couturiers. Based in Dubai, Olga caters for both the Arabic style and modern European bride. All her gowns are individually designed and hand crafted for the most special day of every woman’s life. Olga is an award winning designer and graduate of Esmod Fashion University with a passion to create stunning gowns that fit perfectly and enhance the beauty of any woman. The boutique is a beautifully renovated villa located on Manara St, Dubai






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