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Dubai, G.C.C., 24, January 2013: Singer and songwriter Victoria Aitken – known for transcending her cultural observations into music – is coming out with her latest music video, “Neon Nights”. In the UAE shooting a video for the track, Aitken is using the Emirates’ city lighting and nighttime vibe as both backdrop and central character to her song. She enlisted the help of Sisters Beauty Lounge and designers Ayesha Depala and Hayla Genevieve to help her achieve the appropriate looks for film.
Aitken used the renowned and her personal favorite, Sisters Beauty Lounge, for hair and makeup on the “Neon Nights” video shoot.
Of the service, Victoria comments:  “Sisters Beauty Lounge is the most unique beauty salon and I am always excited to visit each time I am in Dubai. You can really relax, since it is a women’s only salon – you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Sisters Beauty Lounge treats you so well, as if you are the part of the family.

We decided to go with a red hair shade as it makes me feel a little spicy – the perfect alternative for those winter blues we have in London. In addition, Sisters correctly predicted that this was the best color to stand out for a ‘Neon Nights’ shoot”.

For Aitken’s wardrobe, she wears a black and neon dress designed by UAE’s Hayla Genevieve Oriel, as well as dresses by one of the UAE most famous designers, Ayesha Depala.

Fittingly, Hayla Genevieve Oriel designed part of the lighting for the Burj al Arab. She worked on the interactive tunnel that leads into the undersea restaurant and its electroluminescent lights.

Oriel says of her past lighting design and Aitken’s wardrobe:  “The tunnel of light was very cutting edge with new lighting materials in turquoise and ultramarine blues, highly reflective and an exciting entrance to the giant aquarium undersea restaurant that can still be visited.

When I heard of Victoria shooting her video, I wanted to take some of those same lighting principles and apply them to her outfit. I wanted to create the ultimate disco dress!”

Aitken then enlisted the assistance of Ayesha Depala. She first tried on Miss Depala’s designs last year and has kept a watchful eye of her collections ever since.

Victoria says: “Put on any one of Ayesha’s outfits, and you will always feel and look great. Her colors and textures are outstanding. Ayesha Depala truly understands the modern day woman and her designs never cease to amaze me.”

Aitken’s last music video “Weekend Lover” was produced by Tiesto’s music label Blackhole. Aitken’s last track, “BODY”, was in celebration of high fashion’s muse of the moment, Kate Upton.

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Some make up tips from Sisters Beauty Lounge:

It is always important to consider the skin tone to achieve the perfect makeup.  Matching the makeup colors with the clothes is also an important consideration for maximum beauty effect.  Using the following makeup tips on pale skin, Victoria Aitken’s features were enhanced while achieving the glamorous look for the shoot.

Eye makeup

Concealer of the same shade as the skin was applied first around the eyes to hide the puffiness.  Eye shadow make up came next – a blending of bronze and gold, plus some black shade on the corner for the perfect smokey-eye effect.  The combined colors on the eyelids were ideal to match Victoria’s clothes, which were red, black and blue.

On the lower lid, thin blue eyeliner was also added for the extra glamour look.  The thin blue line was a better option because combining them on the eyeshadows would be too much.

Long lashes with gold dust completed the eye makeup.

Cheeks and Face

A bronze shade of foundation was used for Victoria to complement her white complexion.  This was then added with bronze powder and blush on, plus a highlighting powder on the cheekbones for a light-reflecting luminous glow.

Lip makeup

A moisturizer was first applied to smoothen the lips.  This also helped to soothe Victoria’s lips that appeared dry on that day.  A lip liner was then used to define the lips, and finally the red lipstick.

Tips from:
Shahira Musafer
Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall of the Emirates, +971 4 3792992.


Victoria Aitken – electro-house chart topper – has performed to audiences in London, Manhattan, Berlin, Dubai and Paris. Victoria’s distinct sound has consistently reached prime positions on the UK and European dance charts. Her tongue and cheek songwriting abilities have sparked controversy and acclaim with hits like “Weekend Lover” and “Fashion Boy”.

Performances and talent have received note and praise in publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, Vogue, GQ, W, Elle, The Daily Telegraph and E! News.

Victoria is equally conversant in English, French, German, Russian and Serbo-Croatian.

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