Tiffany’s New Diamond Engagement Ring

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Tiffany's New Diamond Engagement Ring


The Jeweler Of True Love Creates A Perfect Combination of Diamonds and Style


Dubai, UAE —Tiffany & Co., purveyor of the world’s finest diamonds, introduces Tiffany Harmony, the newest creation in its great heritage as the jeweler of true love.

Tiffany Harmony features an exquisitely hand cut, round diamond mounted in a tapered platinum setting that elegantly shoulders the stone. Tiffany jewelers handcraft the wedding band to follow the contours of the engagement ring. The dazzling ring and band conform perfectly with impeccable style.

This new addition to Tiffany’s assortment of iconic engagement rings captures a couple’s hopes and dreams in the pure radiance of the world’s most brilliant diamonds. Tiffany accepts less than .02% of gem-quality stones. These top-tier diamonds are graded at the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory, one of few such facilities operated by jewelry retailers. The laboratory’s master diamond graders go beyond the 4-C’s evaluation, applying the most rigorous standards to cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Tiffany diamonds are cut for brilliance, which is a main reason why they sparkle with such intense fire and scintillation. The precision of cut produces a breathtaking show of light, with utmost dispersion and scintillation.

Beyond the 4Cs, Tiffany has additional quality standards, collectively called “presence.” These include symmetry and polish. Together they influence a diamond’s brilliance and overall appearance.

Every solitaire diamond is awarded a Tiffany Diamond Certificate, which guarantees the stone’s authenticity, and is supported by a full lifetime warranty.

The Tiffany Harmony engagement ring and band are the latest to enter this elite collection of diamonds worthy of a lifelong commitment. Their enduring beauty is both a reflection of true love and Tiffany’s renowned heritage of quality and craftsmanship.

The Tiffany Harmony collection will be available at select Tiffany stores worldwide and the Middle East in spring 2013.

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