Val Stefani and Moonlight Couture Spring 2014

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 Val Stefani and Moonlight Couture Spring 2014

Val Stefani and Moonlight Couture Spring 2014

Val Stefani and Moonlight Bridal recently debuted their stunning Spring 2014 collections.  The sister duo work collaboratively from start to finish on each gown, sharing and implementing creative ideas.  A fierce feminine aesthetic is the inspiration behind every gown, with each one accented by delicate beading, hand rolled rosettes, cascading ruffles, and lace.  The Spring 2014 collection was inspired by Walter De Maria’s “The 2000 Sculpture.”  The way in which the sculpture hugged the ground captivated the designer duo and led to the creation of a collection with form fitting silhouettes, highlighting the female figure.  Val Stefani and Moonlight Couture are also great budget friendly collections, with a price range of $1,450 to $3,330 this season.

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Val Stefani is renowned as one of the world premier couture bridal and evening wear companies. Established in picturesque Southern California, Val Stefani is the inspiration of sisters, Valerie and Stephanie Chin. With their youthful perspective and creativity, these sisters continue to successfully walk the fine line between modern aesthetics and classic styles. Val Stefani signature silhouettes evoke femininity and romance through impeccable contemporary fits and timeless elegance.

Prior to starting Val Stefani, Valerie and Stephanie both received business degrees from Pepperdine University. Valerie continued her education at the famed Parson The New School for Design in New York City, graduating with an advanced degree in Fashion Design. Stephanie honed her business experience at the top four accounting firm KPMG in Irvine, California. Both sisters serve as Co-founders and Creative Directors at Val Stefani. Valerie and Stephanie formed their vision of Val Stefani while working at the celebrated Moonlight bridal house. They believed that the industry needed a brand that embraced the needs of the 21st Century bride. Valerie and Stephanie have met these challenges with their creative styles and refined designs, along with a meticulous attention to quality and detail. Each Val Stefani gown exemplifies unparalleled contemporary glamour with a touch of vintage beauty.

Since its introduction, Val Stefani has received praise from industry buyers and customers alike, and the media has paid attention. Their influence can be seen with their consistent features in prestigious publications such as the Huffington Post, Brides, and Lucky Magazine. Val Stefani is also a red carpet staple dressing your favourite celebrities on the red carpet from the Golden Globes, Grammy’s and many more.

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