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The Porsche Design brand: 40 years of “Engineered Luxury”

The TITAN concept: Innovation that goes beyond the limits of classic perfumery

The TITAN bottle: A high tech design, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality

The TITAN fragrance: A distinguished and distinctive woody citrus scent

TITAN, the name and the campaign: A feeling of all-conquering power

The TITAN range: Men’s essential daily care routine


The Porsche Design brand: 40 years of “Engineered Luxury”

Function in its most beautiful form for a different kind of luxury


“Our credo is to provide a lifestyle which is defined by style and function. Making our designs innovative and, in a word, iconic is what Porsche Design is all about”. Dr Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.


Precisely forty years ago, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – the designer of the legendary 911 sports car – founded the luxury brand Porsche Design and his own design studio: the Porsche Design Studio, today based in Zell am See (Austria).


In 1972, the first product of Porsche Design – the legendary Chronograh I – caused quite a heated discussion. Since the automatic chronograph – considered inconceivable at the time – had been designed in matte black and was completely unadorned. It completely revolutionized the watch industry. It was followed by several innovations: the world’s first sunglasses with an innovative interchangeable lens-mechanism (1978), the world’s first watch made of titanium (1980) or the world’s first chronograph with a mechanical-digital display (2004).


Over the past four decades, the luxury brand’s portfolio has been enriched and today offers a wide range of luxury and smart lifestyle goods: eyewear, high-end writing implements, luggage and leather goods, smoking accessories, electronic products and mobile phones, a sports and fashion collection for men and women as well as a men’s fragrance line containing The Essence, The Essence Intense and Sport.




A never ending quest for functionality, timelessness and pureness


Since 1972 Porsche Design created its very own category of luxury: “Engineered Luxury”. A style, where design and luxury engage into a very natural relationship. It is the principle which drives the uncompromising Porsche Design style. All the brand’s products are inspired by technology and driven by technical innovations. They share a functional, timeless and purist design with great attention to detail, a meticulous selection of finest materials, as well as high quality finishing that combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Porsche Design represents a philosophy that shares purity and passion, personality and authenticity, performance and precision. It is an expertise that has been recognised since its foundation with more than 150 national and international awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award, the Good Design Award or the ADI Milan Design Award.


The Porsche Design Studio stands for the distinctive, timeless and unmistakable design signature that characterizes all of the Porsche Design luxury brand’s products. Additionally the studio does work for other internationally renowned companies in the areas of industrial and product design. Today, the Porsche Design Studio is among Europe’s most recognized design companies.



The TITAN concept: Innovation that goes beyond the limits of classic perfumery

“Master the Elements”



In 2008, Porsche Design launched its very first perfume line, The Essence, revealing an offbeat and innovative freshness. One year later, the luxury brand unveiled The Essence Intense, a sensual and sophisticated reinterpretation of The Essence. Last year, Porsche Design launched Porsche Design Sport, characterized by an unusually invigorating freshness.


Today, the Porsche Design brand launches TITAN and confirms its position as an innovative brand on the prestige perfume market.


“If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious,” said Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.


“The luxury brand Porsche Design has always remained true to this idea. In our ideal world form and function are equal. One doesn’t work without the other, and one does not follow the other. A truly good product has to fulfil both aspects to become a long-term success”, says Dr Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.


This approach has never been so true in the fragrance field: TITAN’s entire project has been directly inspired by Porsche Design’s values of functionality, aestheticism, as well as innovation and authenticity.


As a result, TITAN is born from a fusion between high tech design and functionality: functional and smart, its avant-garde bottle preserves the premium quality fragrance.

A one of a kind innovation.

TITAN masters the elements.



The TITAN bottle: A high tech design, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality

“Master the design and the functionality, the material and the future”


“Master the design and the functionality”:

The TITAN 80 ml iconic bottle of the range offers a unique perfume gesture: For the first time ever, a double sided pressure system is included to follow the natural motion of a man’s hand: a simple pressure on the sides releases the fragrance. Easy, fast, masculine.

As a result of this ingenious new squeezing system, neither cap nor spray-cap is needed.


“Master the material”:

Perfume does not like heat, light and temperature variations. To keep it for a long time, it needs to remain in a dry cool place away from light.

This fact drove Porsche Design to think of a dual level protection for the TITAN fragrance:

– protection from light is included in the bottle: thanks to its totally opaque metal structure;

– protection against temperature variations is added to the outside box: the thick and fluted carton  has been selected to prevent thermal shocks during its transportation (from factory to user).


Fully preserved, the fragrance’s freshness, stability and integrity are protected for much longer (and improved compared to standard bottles).

Ingredients are magnified thanks to this protection.


“Master the future”:

Today, longevity and sustainability are more sought after than ever. In perfect coherence with Porsche Design’s brand spirit and Clarins Fragrance Group’s policy of Responsible Luxury, TITAN’s 80 ml bottle is designed to last “forever”:

-The TITAN bottle is precious: it is made of zamak, chosen for its strength (zamak is an alloy of dense and resistant metals made of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper).

The weight of the metal gives power and inalterable strength to the bottle.

-The TITAN bottle is timeless: it is refillable thanks to an 80 ml cartridge and it is designed to become a man’s lifetime companion.

A 50 ml bottle, made of extra-light materials (mainly aluminium), is available for men on the go.

The spray system is included atop.

The TITAN bottles have been designed by the Porsche Design Studio. The pure and graphic style stays true to the trends of contemporary luxury and the iconic lifestyle spirit of Porsche Design. The soft-touch frosted metallic silver stands out, with a touch of black to represent a masculine and timeless elegance.


The TITAN fragrance: a fresh yet distinguished and distinctive personality

“Master the ingredients”

The TITAN fragrance masters noble and premium quality ingredients, for a unique masculine personality. Its formula is protected from light and heat thanks to the clever dual carton and bottle protection: the fragrance’s freshness is preserved for a long time.

TITAN is a woody citrus scent:

It opens with sparkling and dynamic notes of grapefruit and spearmint leaf, added to a vibrant touch of black pepper: a fusing and sharp start evoking the metallic frame of the TITAN bottle.

The fragrance then develops into vegetal and aromatic notes of fresh green basil, lavandin and geranium. An authentic and elegant masculine signature, very much in line with the timeless TITAN design.

The trail is characterized by a comforting and sensual accord of Virginia cedar, amber wood and musk: a feeling as soft as the frosted silky-touch façade of the bottle.


A creation by perfumer Véronique NYBERG from IFF (International Flavor and Fragrances).


TITAN, the name and the campaign: a feeling of conquering power

The TITAN name is associated with power, masculinity and authority. A man mastering the elements with the distinctive personality to whom nothing resists.

It evokes the indestructible and everlasting aspect of the metal bottle that is refillable.

The visual of the campaign expresses the identity of the TITAN line to perfection: It features the fusion, the harmony between the bottle, the fragrance and the spirit of the man who wears it.

The authentic and distinguished new Porsche Design olfactory signature matches the personality of the man: wearing a watch and a jacket signed Porsche Design, his whole being radiates confidence and independence. This highly-discerning man has a penchant for uniqueness and beautiful designs as well as outstanding and effective objects. His fragrance is TITAN.


The TITAN range: men’s essential daily care routine


Eau de Toilette Natural Spray (non- refillable)   50 mL


Refillable Eau de Toilette Natural Spray             80 mL

Refill-Bottle                                                               80 mL

Alcohol-Free Deodorant Stick                               75 mL

Hair & Body Shampoo                                            200 mL




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