Nimue Colourscience Mineral Powder

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Nimue Colourscience consists of products that combine advanced formulations with innovative packaging. With its unique ingredients and scientific formulations based on 5 key ingredients including micro powders of semi precious stones, this range will change mineral make–up forever! Nimue Colourscience mineral powder does not contain talc and the whole range is fragrance free!


Product nameTreatment Mineral Powder
Product size10g
Product categoryColourscience
AvailabilityAesthetica Clinic and some other clinics

and spas all over UAE

PriceAED 191


Product description

A lightweight, luminous and soft mineral loose powder in a luxurious self dispensing brush. A powder veil that melts

perfectly onto the skin, blending evenly with a non-powdery and bright finish.


Product benefits

•    The minerals derived from Amethyst is used for harmony, Tourmaline for energy and Citrine for it`s rejuvenating

and energising properties to improve microcirculation, rebalance the skin and fight the effects of stress. All the minerals improve microcirculation and protects against photoageing.

•    The talc free texture infused with minerals leaves the complexion glowing and smooth.

•    High blendability provides a sheer layer of pure colour, perfects skin tone and protects the complexion with a luminous and glowing finish.

•    Fragrance and talc free.


Key active ingredients

•    Amethyst, Tourmaline and Citrine Powder

•    Mica

•    Titanium Dioxide

•    Mica Treated Iron Oxides



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