Reveal flawless and glowing skin

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Reveal flawless and glowing skin

Reveal flawless and glowing skin this summer

with Morjana’s Royal Moroccan Bath Ritual 

Experience the best-kept beauty secret of Morocco


Dubai – Looking forward to the summer of a lifetime? It is time to prepare and have smooth, clear skin with Morjana’s Royal Moroccan Bath which detoxifies, refines pores, smooths the skin, oxygenates and rejuvenates, resulting in youthful glowing skin.

Morjana has its roots in Morocco, where the traditional Hammam has been practiced for centuries. Known as the Oriental steam bath, this beauty ritual which is a best-kept beauty secret of Moroccan men and women has long played a part in the cultural and social life of eastern cities.

Rooted in thousands of years of Moroccan history and ancient traditions, entering the Hammam is a sacred ritual, akin to a journey. The Hammam is a haven of peace, warmth and well-being with the gentle and calming sound of running water and the scent of orange blossoms and roses. Attention to detail is key and each part of the ritual is executed by the gracious attendant who completes the sense of escape.

The expert therapist attends to your body’s every need, rejuvenating your skin and invigorating tired muscles while you rest, fully relaxed, on a heated marble slab. Known locally as ‘Tayels’ or ‘Tellaks’, the masseurs of Morjana hail from Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey and under their expert hands, guests fully discover a delightful Moroccan journey into lightness and well-being.

The treatment begins with a warm offer of mint tea, followed by removing the make-up with Gentle Rose Milk. Then the skin is cleansed with warm water. To tone the skin, cotton pads soaked with Rose Pearls are applied. The exfoliation process starts by showering the whole body and applying Morjana Eucalyptus Black Soap, a time-tested fusion of black olives and salts, which softens, exfoliates and cleanses. The guest rests for 10 minutes in the hammam with steam and the Moroccan soap working its magic. The room is inundated with steam to unlock the pores, thereby allowing the dark, gelatinous healing soap to penetrate deeper, softening your skin and prying the remaining impurities loose for the ultimate exfoliation.

Afterwards the masseur starts the vigorous exfoliation process, beginning with the back and moving on to the face, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet in careful strokes.  Every inch of the body is cleansed, leaving the guest with reborn skin.

After the exfoliation, soaping comes next. The therapist works on the whole body with energizing frictions using Morjana Amber Oriental Body Wash, which is rinsed off with warm water. Lastly, to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin, immediately after your bath, the therapist will lock in the moisture with Morjana’s Amber Caress in effleurage for the whole body and Morjana Cream on the face and neck.

You will feel years younger and the lightness of being after experiencing Morjana’s Royal Moroccan Bath is a feeling like no other. On a deeper level, this process boosts your immune system, your blood circulation is enhanced, delivering a rich stream of nutrients and boosting your collagen.

Making a commitment to do this beauty ritual once a month will reveal a stunning new you in time for summer, frolicking happily under the sun.





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