MANZARI introduces Sable timeless elegance

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MANZARI introduces Sable timeless elegance

MANZARI introduces Sable timeless elegance   

Dubai: MANZARI Luxury Furs collection has introduced the Sable black and brown overcoats this February in the UAE. High Fashion combines with brimming aesthetics and the best quality of raw materials to create the garments which are timeless, luxurious and the most precious piece in the closet. The full sleeves, collard, knee length coats are clinched at the waist with a leather belt and keeps warm in the coldest regions. While the brown sable is ordained with a front panel collar, the black sable has a polo high collar.

Mr. Georgios Mantziaris, the President of MANZARI Luxury Furs is delighted with the new sable design. “Our furs are very popular with our UAE clients. Sable is not only popular but it also makes the coat perfect for any woman, making this design an amazing family heirloom which is inherited by generations,” said Mr. Georgios Mantziaris, while also mentioning that the materials used MANZARI in its collection include farmed mink, fox, chinchilla and swakara as well as wild mink, sable, cat and lynx.

MANZARI Luxury Furs in the fashion label of MANTAZIARIS S.A, which manufactures women’s fur clothing and accessories. The comparative advantage of the company is a combination of excellent know-how, the best raw materials, manufacturing techniques and designing infrastructure. Auctions in the U.S (ALC), Canada (NAFA), Denmark (KOPENHAGEN FUR AUCTION), Finland (SAGA FURS OYJ) and Saint Petersburg (SOJUZPUSHNINA) are the main providers of high quality raw materials. Subsequently processing and dying is undertaken by specialized dye works and tanneries contributing to the excellent results of every collection.

MANZARI introduces Sable timeless elegance2


MANTAZIARIS S.A manufactures women’s fur clothing and accessories. Founded in 1991, the company is based in Agia Kyriaki Kaloneriou, in Siatista, Greece, at a 2,500 square meter company-owned facility that includes the management, manufacturing/production, design, pattern production and laundry/dry-cleaning departments, as well as show rooms. The company’s dedication to quality and its perfectionism have over the years built it a reputation that goes beyond Greece’s borders, giving it recognition on a global level. Amoung its immediate goals are to penetrate the fur-farming sector by establishing farms in the wider area of the Kozani-Kastoria prefecture and vertically integrate its production.

Locations in UAE:

UAE- Dubai:  Jumeirah Beach Residence JBR – The Walk and Padium – Murjan Tower 4 Shop No: GM16 & GM17 T: 04-4523211

UAE-Dubai:  Jumeirah Beach Residence JBR 07 – Murjan 02 Shop No: P60 + P61 & P54 T: 04-4370120

UAE –Dubai:  Deira Sabkha Road T: 04-2221126

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