Middle East: Phytomer Extended Youth Wrinkle Correction Treatment

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Phytomer Extended Youth Wrinkle Correction Treatment

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With 40 years of beauty treatments and products expertise, PHYTOMER has been able to create appealing, high-performance and adaptable facial treatments. Thanks to innovative beauty treatment protocols and the use of high-performance marine products with patented ingredients, PHYTOMER has developed Extended Youth Wrinkle Correction Treatment, an anti-ageing facial beauty treatment that works on enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance and offers unique results backed by a precious moment of well-being. The treatment works on resurfacing the skin, filling wrinkles, restructuring the face and the complexion is more radiant.

A real moment of ease, pairing the relaxation of the body with the well-being of the mind, this anti-ageing treatment offers instant and visible wrinkles reduction results after an exquisite sensory 75 minutes session treatment in addition to a firmer looking skin. The harmonious textures and fragrances of the products applied in addition to the relaxing back massage captivate you in a pure well-being feeling in the marine world.

Bio-mimicry, the scientific approach to nature, is based on analysis of the defense systems of marine plants and algae, alongside the identification of marine ingredients which are capable of reproducing these systems within the skin. In PHYTOMER Extended Youth Wrinkle Correction treatment, Marine Polymers allow algae to adhere to rocks and resist waves due to their jelling properties in the presence of calcium. PHYTOMER is capable of reproducing this jellification system in its formulas to create natural plasticizing inspired by the marine world.

The treatment starts with a 15 minutes back massage for optimal and immediate relaxation, where Self-Heating Marine Mud is applied on the entire back to encourage detoxification and remineralization.

Next, the Resurfacing Multi Exfoliant is applied in a thin layer, zone by zone (criss-cross movements over the face) which gently restores radiance to the face and neck. This professional product combines four exfoliating ingredients with complementary hardness and granulometry which dissolve dead cells and impurities and smooth the skin surface. Next, the Rebalancing Facial Mask deep-cleanses the face while encouraging detoxification and skin radiance. The heating effect ensures better dilation of pores to promote the elimination of impurities.

Warmed lightly in the palm of the hands, the Wrinkle- Filling Wax is massaged onto the face, neck and décolleté. Its fresh, feminine fragrance and soft texture intensify the sensation of well-being. Due to its ultra-advanced formulation, this wax fills wrinkles, solidifies the skin’s support tissue and tautens the skin by densifying the tissues.

The face is massaged with the Wrinkles Concentrate and Firming Concentrate for rejuvenating action on deep wrinkles (forehead, crow’s-feet, smile lines, etc.) and the facial contour. Then, the Tensing Smoothing Mask is applied in a medium layer to the face and neck and left on for 10 minutes. This mask contains an exclusive natural plasticizing system based on the combination of Clays, Marine Polymers and natural Calcium. It allows the mask to jellify while it is on for a natural “mini-lifting” effect. When it is removed, the tensing effect is immediate and the burst of radiance is visible. This original plasticizing mask also contains Marine Criste Oil to encourage cell renewal and the smoothing of wrinkles. While the mask is on, a relaxing arm and hand massage is performed with the Hydracontinue Moisturizing Hand Cream for the utmost serenity and supple, moisturized skin. The Rosée Visage toning lotion perfects this last embellishment phase for the face.

The beauty treatment gently comes to an end with the application of Lift Contour to the eye and lip contours and Expert Youth to the face and neck for total facial rejuvenation. Then using the Relaxing Serum, the back is indulged with a last massage for perfecting this pure moment of relaxation and ensuring a gentle awakening.


Phytomer products and treatments are available from the leading spas and beauty centers in UAE and GCC

Beauty Leaders LLC is the official distributor of PHYTOMER in the GCC and Jordan.

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Offering Wellness Equipment and Aesthetic furniture & Equipment, Beauty Leaders LLC also provides a range of exclusive Spa skin care brands and services that include:

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