How to Dress Your Age: Men’s Fashion Advice for Over 60s

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Mens fashion advice. Age catches up with us all, adapt your warddrobe accordingly.

Stay Fashionable

There seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that when a man hits a certain age, he should lose all sense of fashion and begin dressing in a generic and boring, middle of the road manner. We completely disagree with any notion of the sort. Men of all ages are able to stay fashionable and embrace men’s fashion, although admittedly there may well be some small adjustments which need to be made to one’s dressing habits.

Thankfully, our advice does not contain anything relating to the wearing of Farah trousers or painfully plan golf shirts and argyle jumpers. The latter two may form part of an outfit at some point, but you must not give your whole wardrobe over to such items.

As for Farah’s……we won’t even go there.

Always Wear A Jacket

Whether we like it or not, when we reach 60 some of our best features tend to deteriorate. Demoralising it can be, but there is not a lot we can do. After years spent in the gym, it can be heart breaking when our well-loved and oft-attended to biceps start to look a little ropey. Keeping them showing off is not going to be particularly dignified – if you don’t believe me, look up Hulk Hogan and what he is up to right now – so wearing a jacket at all times is the best way forward.

With a lot of men’s fashion now aimed at delivering a classic look, there will always be men’s jackets available to suit gentlemen of any age. Keep an elegance to your look no matter what else you are wearing with a stylish jacket, blazers work best and are available in a wide variety of shades and colours.


Be A Classic

Remember the days when you would walk past a store, see what’s new in and worn by the window mannequin before walking in and buying it without thinking? Not something you can necessarily get away with anymore, however you can develop your individual style by having a number of items in your wardrobe to keep you dressed timelessly at all times. Timeless, classic, elegant, and smart are all adjectives which should be describing your fashion as you hit your 60’s.

Go out of your way to avoid the latest trends if you do not already, although if you are anything like me you probably tired of repetitive fashions and marketing ploys at least two decades ago.

To ensure you meet your objectives here, look to shop in stores which target your age demographic. Topman and Burton are not going to cater for the look you want, however Marks & Spencer, as well as department stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser, will definitely have something you can sink your teeth into.

You are well above wearing the latest fashions and have your own style, embrace this uniqueness and look on as the younger generation struggle for a well-defined look.


Move With The Times

Never be tempted to try and recycle something which is hanging in your wardrobe from 30-odd years ago. If there is something similar, yet more modern and updated on the market today, then there is a good reason for that. If said items fit your overall look and image, then you can look to invest in them and add a modern element to your classic, timeless look.

The easiest way to imagine this is with aviator sunglasses. They evolve and re-emerge into fashion every five or six years, but always look slightly different and more modern. The fashions from thirty years ago need to be donated or sold to the vintage store for younger generations to enjoy.

Keeping It Simple

One of the best methods for being effective in your fashion into your 60’s is to be as simple as possible. Loud, complicated fashions are best left to younger generations. Keeping your wardrobe adorned with a healthy variety of solid colours, and perhaps some conservative checks, will ensure you have an understated, confident style which requires no introduction.

Clean And Smart

Habits of a bygone age, such as leaving the house without ironing anything you are wearing, should be long gone by now. Keep your clothes crisp and try everything on before you buy it. A well-fitted shirt and associated garments will help take years off of your appearance. Where you may have experimented in the past, a clinical, shaped look will definitely benefit you as you get older, looking smart and sophisticated at all times.

In addition to clothing, consider your overall appearance. Tidy hair and clean shaven is definitely the way forward. Facial hair can add years to your appearance, and while designer stubble may be the thing among those in their 30’s and 40’s, it is definitely something you should be looking to let go of immediately.

Embrace Reality

The final tip is perhaps the most important. It is undoubtedly harder to do the older we get, however accepting that you are getting older, rolling with the punches and enjoying it will help you to make much more out of your fashion. Look for age appropriate fashions, and if your hair has greyed or started to recede, enjoy it. Take the opportunity to buy a stylish hat, it will look much classier than a comb over waiting to be caught in the wind!

Into your 60’s, forget the current trends and develop a unique, timeless style which will keep you way above any fashion marketing schemes.

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