Look Gorgeous In Your Wedding Dress

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MAY 2015

Look Gorgeous In Your Wedding Dress

With LPG’s targeted Body Endermologie treatments!


Dubai, UAE: Looking your best on your wedding day is any bride’s No. 1 priority! One’s figure, just like makeup and hairstyle will be at the center of all attention. The challenge? Fitting into the dream dress, sporting a lovely back, cleavage, toned arms, slender legs, a flat stomach and a refined waist.


Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept LLC says: “LPG offers brides-to-be a results-driven program that will help them achieve a slim, toned body in time for the most important day of their lives – their wedding. With our 100% natural and painless slimming treatments, we boost elimination of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat naturally by 70%. We guarantee that in 6 to 12 sessions, you will immediately feel slimmer and radiate that beautiful glow when you say ‘I Do!’.”


LPG’s brand new Body Endermologie treatment menu includes 15 to 35 minute targeted treatments focusing on one or more areas for optimal efficiency. Quick and affordable protocols that meet the needs of all brides-to-be!

 Strapless gown objective


Arm and/or back targeted treatments for:

·         Toned and reshaped arms

·         Released stubborn bra bulges fat on the shoulder blades area

·         Firm to smooth back folds

Results: Toned arms and an impeccable back

Pencil/ sheath dress objective


LPG Shorty treatment  to :

·         Release fat on the 4 targeted areas : stomach, waist, buttocks and saddlebags

·         Smooth cellulite and firm all treated areas

Results: A perfect hourglass figure, a firm and flat stomach, rounded buttocks and mastered saddlebags

 Short dress objective


Thighs, knees and calves targeted treatments for:

•        Smoothed cellulite and firm skin to fight against “overlapping” thighs.

•        Firm skin on the knee area, released fat and drained calves for flawless legs

Results: slender thighs, thin knees and calves


Each treatment ends with the appropriate LPG® Cosmetics application: Lipo-Slim Gel to target abdominal fat thanks to its chronobiological action, Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex to smooth adipose cellulite and erase orange-peel skin or the Firming Contour Fluid on the entire body with a focus on slackening areas. 


The “Targeted” treatment takes only 15 minutes of your time while the “Shorty” treatments take 35 minutes. To book your appointment, see the list of LPG-equipped centers by visiting: www.lpgsystems.ae




About LPG:

LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation and inventors of the Endermologie® technique, specialising in non-aggressive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkles and cellulite. Endermologie® treatments, which include Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™, are offered in over 110 countries with over 200,000 women treated each day. Its effectiveness is validated by more than 110 scientific studies, and responds to the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve natural beauty.