“ARMARIUM” spreads Italian atmosphere in Dubai

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“ARMARIUM” spreads Italian atmosphere in Dubai

And gives customers the chance to design by themselves!

After thirty years of experience in the field of jewelry design for various destinations, it was launched from Dubai the brand “ARMARIUM”  that rely on gold and Italian taste as a basic principle in various designs.

And to the tunes of the Italian feat voice Andrea Bocelli “ARMARIUM” a Latin word that means the Treasury or the Fund, which often kept the valuables, “ARMARIUM”  inaugurated the first of its stores at ” ALwasl Vita” center in Dubai, in the presence of a group of elite people interested in jewelry industry and artistic and social prominent personalities .

“ARMARIUM” has reviewed the latest collections inspired by the nature of the Italian countryside in its best seasons, and  large bracelets sculpted by rod and decorations has emerged, and Spider house rings which crafted meticulously with reliance on gold and diamonds, the collection included pieces that embody butterflies and roses as well as pieces that combine the purest diamond granules with sequential threads which symbolize waterways that make up the aesthetic history of the Italian city of Venice.


Precious pieces ranging from AED 500 to more than half a million Dirhams has been displayed within the collection which mostly look like artistic sculptures in line with the higher appreciation of the arts in Italy. The organizers of the “ARMARIUM”  commented on that by saying: We want to tell every woman no matter how different her financial capabilities, “you have something beautiful in our jewelry box”, and every woman has the right of to adorn herself with jewels so we always take into account all the financial capabilities of our customers. Because we appreciate the creativity and individuality we launched “Be creative and design with us” service, which give  every woman who wants to design a piece of her jewelry by herself, or for any husband or lover who wants to design a unique gift for his beloved, to kindly visit our professional designer to translate their ideas into reality, where our designers to translate theirs ideas to a tangible reality  as we have professional designers and draftsmen who can implement the design they want.