Less strain with Queenax Suspended Yoga

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Queenax Suspended Yoga at ENGINE Health & Fitness

Stretch Further, Less strain with Queenax Suspended Yoga at ENGINE Health & Fitness

QSY is ENGINE’s newest and unique group exercise class which is conducted in the Queenax platform at ENGINE–the only one in the Middle East.


Add an entirely new dimension to your Yoga practice with QSY workout – a combination of yoga, gymnastics & aerial dance with a padded hammock.

This class is FOR EVERYONE specially for people with back, ankle and neck injuries as the swing supports more than half or even all your body weight like when in water.

It is a good workout for bored yogis, dancers and gymnasts looking for something new and adventurous.


Does it hurt or is it hard to do this class?

  • QSY is a challenging yet enjoyable workout. It allows you to create better body awareness and increases flexibility, enabling you to perform advanced yoga inversions without neck or back compressions.
  • Encourages you to hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment.
  • QSY is a good core muscle work out. The next day you will feel it in your lower abs, arms and shoulders.
  • The QSY hammocks are better than the rest because of the pads around the fabric that protect your hips.



  • results in a steadier metabolic rate,
  • increases blood flow and oxygen to the face which in turn helps to slow down the ageing process as the skin cells are nourished
  • Decompress tight joints
  • Relieves pressure while aligning the vertebrae


Class Timings:

Saturdays at 8.30am

Monday at 9.30am

Tuesday at 6.00 pm

Wednesdays at 6.00pm

Call 800 ENGINE for more info.


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