“Destination Zanzibar” Gulf promotion

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Destination Zanzibar Gulf promotion

Zanzibar in “more than sun, sand & sea” promotional drive

“Destination Zanzibar” a campaign to promote its tourism in the Gulf

In a bid to develop it as one of a kind destination on the Indian Ocean, a new promotional drive involving the public and private sector has been launched to lift up Destination Zanzibar “as more than sun, sand and sea”. Destination Zanzibar a campaign to promote the islands will kick off its campaign in the Gulf, a region that has not been adequately tapped into in the past. Endorsed by The Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism & Sports of Zanzibar as well as the Zanzibar Commission, the drive was announced at a Tourism Networking Forum held at The Seyyida, a boutique hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Supported by The President’s Office, State House and Good Governance, Diaspora Office, the forum was attended by Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI), the Zanzibar Association Tour Operators (ZATO) and other tourism stakeholders.

Ms Hafsa Mbamba founder of Grassroots Traveller spearheading “Destination Zanzibar” drive explained that the event offered an opportunity for the local tourism industry from the private and government sectors, to meet with reputable travel stakeholders and related press. “The forum was created to purposely cater for local tourism stakeholders to network and showcase their products and services. Destination Zanzibar functions to help businesses thrive in a competitive tourism market by offering strategic trade solutions,” said Ms Mbamba.

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“Zanzibar has so much more to offer beyond just the beach – from authentic, off the beaten track to eco-friendly experiences, Destination Zanzibar makes visible what the islands have to offer for the visitors to explore! With the recently amended Tourism Policy Act, now focusing on “Tourism for All”, we want to cater for both the host and the visitors. Zanzibar is globally known as an idyllic beach destination, it is a paradise for the ocean lovers and for those looking to enjoy the tropical weather. However, Zanzibar is renowned for various other reasons like trade, history, culture and more” explained Ms Hafsa Mbamba.

Ms Nell Hamilton, founder of Sustainable East Africa, highlighted how a “Sustainable Zanzibar” is possible and currently in action. Ms Hamilton emphasized how her organization works closely with the private sector and local NGOs to achieve the goal for Sustainable East Africa and how it encourages others to achieve holistic results, building constructive frameworks and empowering those in need of such services.

“This forum works as a stepping-stone to penetrate new markets, targeting the Gulf region specifically as our first market. We have chosen this region because it hasn’t been tapped into yet and the market is ideal to promote Zanzibar, ” said Mbamba.

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Destination Zanzibar’s Tourism Networking Forum attracted some of the island’s front liners in tourism promotion including Chumbe Island, Safari Blue, Jahazi Literary & Jazz Festival, Kawa Training Center, Mtoni Palace Conservation Project. The event was sponsored by The Seyyida Hotel, Zanzibar Unique, tour operating company, ZD Printers, Rahim Saggaf , Creative Design, Maji Tu, exclusive Zanzibar water company and several others who shared their success stories during the forum.

Destination Zanzibar aims to re-invent Zanzibar and make it a Sustainable Tourism friendly destination through events and experiences. “People tend to catch things much quicker through personal experiences. For us to ensure that we have a more holistic industry we must share the piece of the cake with as many stakeholders as possible” concluded Ms Mbamba.








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