Launch of ostium anti-ageing treatment at Beautyworld Middle East 2015

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Launch of ostium anti-ageing treatment at Beautyworld Middle East 2015

  • From May 26th to 28th

United Arab Emirates; May 2015 – OSTIUM, high-end niche brand, entirely Made in France, created by geriatrician Dr Anne Toselli-Capdevielle will introduce its range of anti-ageing at the Beautyworld ME 2015. With PRAESIDIUM range, she is launching an Exceptional Anti-Ageing Treatment into the competitive world of luxury cosmetics. It is based upon an exclusive trademarked PHYTOCOMPLEX – OPUNTIA 14 G – which delivers an all-encompassing anti-ageing treatment with both preventative and curative actions. Its effectiveness has been tested and scientifically proven ex vivo on explants of human skin by an independent laboratory recognised by the French Ministry of Research.

Dr Anne Toselli-Capdevielle’s rigor and extreme discipline comes from her contact with her patients. Focussed on ageing gracefully, today she wants to fill a void in the existing product offering by developing her own range of cosmetic products, which are double-acting (preventative and curative) for all-encompassing anti-ageing effectiveness, unlike the already-available formulas which usually favour one of the two approaches. Truly innovative, OSTIUM offers both modes of action at the same time in a single product, which postpones the appearance of the signs of skin ageing.

As a first-time exhibitor at Beautyworld Middle East, in the Cosmetic Valley area, Dr Anne Toselli-Capdevielle is seeking distributers for Dubai and the Middle East aware of the Made in France requirements.

The climate in the Middle East generates specific needs for the skin. The maturity of the region’s consumers accentuates their requirements with regard to cosmetic products and the natural origin of their ingredients. Active and cultivated, they will be even more responsive to talk of effectiveness and innocuousness from a female doctor. The sensory pleasure of the texture and its exclusive natural perfume, created by a French Master Parfumeur in Grasse, is combined with elegant packaging in white lacquered glass hot stamped in Gold. To draw the eyes with a timeless image of beauty, it is decorated with an exclusive design of TANAGRA, a statuette from the classical Greek period.

The PRAESIDIUM Made in France range is launched with the Firming Serum and Rich Day & Night Cream. These contain a predominant concentration (10%) of prickly pear seed oil (Opuntia Ficus Indica), the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world because of its exceptionally high levels of Omega 3 and 6 types of unsaturated fatty acids. This protects the epidermal stem cells from free radicals that attack them, placing the skin under a protective shield against oxidative stress. They also contain high-tech ingredients with a targeted release over 24 hours at the level of the deep dermis, capable of reactivating the 14 genes involved in synthesising the key ageing markers. The scientific evaluation, performed ex vivo on explants of human skin, is persuasive: after applying for only 10 days, significant increases in the synthesis of Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans were observed, as a result of applying the products.

A hydrolipidic texture has been selected for both formulas to optimise their penetration into the deep layers of the skin by passing through the barrier formed by the stratum corneum. All the selected ingredients are soluble in water and in oil so as to reach the dermis and restructure it in depth.

Please feel free to come and visit AMA research from May 26th to 28th May 2015. AMA RESEARCH will exhibit in Hall 2 – booth S2D19A in the French Pavilion of Business France.

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