Icons Coffee Couture – Fat to Fit in just 30 days!

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 Icons Coffee Couture made it possible to be Fat to Fit in just 30 days!


  • The ICONS Coffee Couture 30 day sugar free challenge was taken up by 2 volunteers who have seen significant results, encouraging them to embrace a healthy lifestyle
  • Supported by RAK hospital, Jawbone, Elevation Fitness and an international fitnesss expert, the volunteers, a professional and a journalist have seen successful results by adapting to sugar-free treats from ICONS and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Rob Donker, an international fitness expert and the brand ambassador of ICONS Coffee Couture acted as the official trainer for the volunteers through the month

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: ICONS Coffee Couture, a German coffee franchise and now a well established healthy coffee joint, conducted a 30 days sugar-free challenge with two pre-diabetic volunteers, Nidhin Randev, Supply-Chain manager of ICONS Coffee Couture and Veathika Jain, the editor and founder of Dubai Dates. The campaign was hugely supported by RAK Hospital for regular blood tests, Jawbone, a wireless fitness tracker, Rob Donker, internationally recognized fitness enthusiast and Elevation Fitness, the official recreational gymnasium for training. The main purpose of the challenge was to spread awareness about the healthy living and the affects of sugar on our bodies, keeping with ICONS’ vision to empower the customers to encourage a healthy change in the nutrition of our society. The two volunteers successfully completed their month challenge this week and witnessed impressive changes in their health.

During the course of the 30-days challenge, the two volunteers were monitored from their diet to their fitness regimes. This is the first-time-ever a coffee shop like ICONS had hosted a challenge like this in the Middle East. The region faces high rates of Type 2 Diabetes, which is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. More than 80% of the retail food products contain refined sugar adding to the lifestyle choices of the residents. The challenge had three measuring components; self check through Jawbone UP 24 tracking their every single movement and sleep pattern, before and after blood sugar test conducted by RAK Hospital, and regular recreational training and fitness advice was held in association with ICONS Brand Ambassador, Rob Donker, founder of Beyond Wellness and leading fitness trainer. Along with the above listed steps, one of the main requirements was the elimination of refined sugar by Stevia, a natural plant extract. One balanced meal a day was provided by ICONS Coffee Couture, planned and prepared by their in house chef, Lara Allegra Lange.

The results for both the volunteers were impressive, not only physically but mentally. Nidhin lost a total of 5kg, with a 3 percent reduction in body fat. Nidhin commented on the changes he noticed throughout the month, “Before I started the challenge I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and it’s hard to believe that in only 30 days and elimination of basic sugar food helped me turn my health around. I have learned the importance of eating healthy and became conscious of the items I put inside by body. My heartfelt thanks to Elevation GYM, Jawbone, Yardstick marketing, RAK hospital and the special thanks to my Icons family who introduced this plan for the community. Now the goal is to keep at it.”

Veathika Jain, Editor of Dubai Dates, showed impressive results with a total 3 kgs reduction in body weight and 4 percent body fat. She commented on her experience, “I could see the change in my body and mind just within first few days, I started making healthier eating choices and watched my exercise routine. Slowly my body adjusted and found other sources of energy from eating a well balanced diet rich in proteins. I must say the sandwiches at ICONS are nutritious and filling. I’m feeling really awesome!! It increased my confidence level, got refreshed, no more pre-diabetic!”

The challenge proved to be a success due to everyone’s dedication and commitment. Rob Donker, fitness expert and mentor for the challenge said, “The key to the challenge was motivation and commitment to follow all the rules and really say no to refined sugar. Together with Elena we made the volunteers aware of all the food items that have added sugar in it. The key is not just eliminate white sugar but to become aware of hidden sugar not only found in sweet, but also 80% of savory products like  breakfast cereals, bread, tomato sauces, etc. Eat fresh, healthy and make your own meal so you know what’s going inside your body.

Main realization pointed out by the volunteers was the awareness of hidden refined sugar and sugar supplements in their daily food intake. They both plan to continue with the sugar –free lifestyle and incorporate all the learning from the month long experiment.

To speak to the participants of the challenge, please contact Manoranjani@yardstick-marketing.com .

About ICONS Coffee Couture:

ICONS Coffee Couture is a Fashionable Coffee Franchise Concept, created by German Model Elena Weber accompanied by a team of fashion lovers and motivated professionals. The concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and strives to promote a healthy, but joyful lifestyle amongst its clientele with sugar-free and naturally sweetened products for guilt-free joy.

For more information on ICONS Coffee Couture, please visit the website:

http://meeticons.com/ or log on to the Facebook page to know more – https://www.facebook.com/iconscoffeecouture