Hervé Gambs Luxury Home Fragrances

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Hervé Gambs Luxury Home Fragrances

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Hervé Gambs Luxury Home Fragrances Introduces 4 New Fragrances in Collaboration With Elisabeth Berndt


Walking into a room filled with the most beautiful and natural aroma is a sensation that can create memories. Hervé Gambs made his mark in the world of fragrance, beauty and home decor in 1989. His enthralling range of luxury home fragrances, including his scented candles, is creative, sophisticated and inspiring, and is now available across the globe.

In recent years, mass-market distribution has seen a decline in many natural raw ingredients, but Hervé Gambs continues to re-interpret and create the emotion of the natural world in his original collections.

This autumn sees Hervé Gambs collaborate with perfumer and friend Elisabeth Berndt to bring four brand new luxurious fragrances to life in your home. Each has a rare intensity, inspired by nature to awaken your senses as follows:

Vert Tubereuse is a sublime and captivating white flower, magnified by green notes of hyacinth, bamboo and a touch of white musk for a modern opulent fresh floral bouquet.

Ecorce Fauve gives a feeling of well-being and intense sensuality with the warm essence of birch bark that is reminiscent of a wood burning fireplace.

Ombre Patchouli brings the essential oil of Patchouli and oakmoss together creating a dreamy ‘wet earth after the rain’ aura.

Enchens Nobilis is a divine selection of spices including pink pepper and cardamom for a fascinating mix of nobility and strength.


The range of Hervé Gambs new fragrances is available from October at Bloomingdales Home, Dubai Mall, along with his range of other scentsational products. The 50ml fragrances retail for AED 220 and the luxury scented candles for AED 240.

Feel the aroma of nature with Hervé Gambs.


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About Hervé Gambs

Hervé Gambs is a French architect and setting designer, who launched in 1989 the eponymous range of luxury home fragrances and couture flowers. He is known for a certain type of vegetal design, labelled as the ‘néonature’ style, inspired by delicate plants and flowers from around the world. Hervé Gambs creations are exquisite floral compositions and formulations designed for contemporary urban spaces and are available at the brand’s boutiques in Paris, London, New York, Geneva, Hong Kong, Athens, and through other exclusive retail outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit www.hervegambs.com.




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