Giant Pizza Cabaret

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EX190211-- CHEF MANELO, Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi. on 16-02-2011.  FOR SILVIA'S STORY     KT Photo by Shoaib Anwer

Giant Pizza Cabaret

Da Vinci’s has a chef you can’t miss, the Italian Trattoria welcomes back renowned Chef Manolo to launch new concept, with stilts, juggling, acrobatics and who could forget the pizza!

Quirky Italian Chef Manolo Mosconi, has come back to Da Vinci’s at the Millennium Airport Hotel, to formally launch the restaurant’s new concept.  The Italian trattoria will be hosting the nutty chef until the 15th March, much to the delight of foodies that are looking for that extra dose of excitement.

Whilst the real star might be the pizza, Chef Manolo will be working alongside Chef Maurizio and his team to transform the trattoria. The new style also comes with a scrumptious 50% discount on all pizzas and pastas (to be offered until the end of March) proving it’s a place not to be missed.

The child-friendly restaurant is also introducing the latest family-sized pizzas. Families are no longer forced to swap food from individual plates. Now, it’s one dish for all and these bad boys are big enough for any hungry family to tuck in and share. Chef Manolo is there to happily set the scene and with his crazy outfits, singing and dancing, the restaurant is the perfect venue for all families to enjoy.

Friendly waiters serve food-loving guests with free water and garlic bread on the quaint and traditional red checked table cloths. Accompanied by mood lighting, the restaurant has forgone menus, in place are black boards listing the personal favourites of both chefs.

But giant pizzas aren’t the only focal point of the restaurant; with the latest offer from Da Vinci’s anyone can a get any pizza or pasta with two selected house beverages for only AED79 until the end of March. If diners are lucky, the quirky chef might even break out his saxophone!

Whilst the offers end after March, this staple Italian joint is here to stay, with passionate chefs and exciting new dishes, Da Vinci’s Italian Trattoria is ready to welcome families and couples alike.

‘It’s is a very exciting move for us, by reinventing the trattoria we will be adding new life to the restaurant, by adding dishes that are typically Italian such as Tagliatelle Verdi al Salmon and Capricciosa, we are bringing to Dubai a totally new perception of Italian cuisine. Italian food is very orientated towards families, so it was only natural that we would create the family pizza, letting families share their favourite food with ease’ said Maurizio Pisoni, Head Chef of Da Vinci’s. Commenting on the newest temporary member of the team Maurizio went on to say ‘Manolo is a fantastic chef and entertainer, it’s great to be working closely with a friend in this revamp and together we always make a great team!’

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