Your friends and colleagues could reduce your waistline

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Your friends and colleagues could reduce your waistline

Your friends and colleagues could reduce your waistline! 

  • Right Bite launches Circle of Friends campaign to encourage healthy eating amongst peers and colleagues in the workplace


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Giving in to peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it results in a change for the better.  In fact, social influences can actually be significantly beneficial, and Right Bite is out to prove it with the launch of ‘Circle of Friends’, a new social media-based initiative that taps the good influences within a group to develop healthy eating habits.

Right Bite, a pioneer in customised healthy meal deliveries, is on a mission to strengthen its efforts of promoting a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced diet. Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C., said: “We are serious about our commitment of promoting wellness through healthy eating, that is why we are exploring every possible way where we can send the message across and spread it out even more. For our Circle of Friends campaign, it makes perfect sense that we are harnessing the power of social media as we will be able to reach out to connections where the influence loop can be extended so much further.  The focus is on the workplace – we aim to change the eating behaviours within a group by encouraging a member to take on the initiative and be the agent of positive change.”

Several academic and societal studies reveal that the behaviour of people around us affects us significantly; and because people spend more time at work with their colleagues, our food choices are heavily influenced by our co-workers’ preferences.  This is where Circle of Friends steps in.  The main goal of the initiative is to develop healthier eating habits using the buddy system, that is take the lead in your group to get a friend to make a positive change and achieve a healthy weight through better food choices.


So how does it work?

The campaign is a photo competition on social media made up of two parts – the Friendly Hour and the Busted. In the Friendly Hour, fans are encouraged to share an image of themselves having a snack with their colleagues. Users will have to post their photos using the hashtag #FriendlyHour on Twitter and Instagram or uploading them on a dedicated Facebook app.  Following this, Right Bite will gather the list of companies participating and create posts titled ‘Battle of the Companies’, asking people to comment with the name of the company they want to win.  Each of the best photos to be picked will receive a healthy snack platter from Right Bite to share with his or her colleagues in the company.

On the other hand, Busted involves getting users to share pictures of their friends caught eating junk food. Fans have to upload the images with the #Busted hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, mention Right Bite and tag their friends caught with their unhealthy foods. Users whose Busted photos are picked will win Executive Lunch Package Meals from Right Bite.

The Right Bite Nutrition Centre is located in the heart of Dubai, with telephone numbers +971 4 3388763 and +971 4 3425208. It also operates in Abu Dhabi, with a satellite office located at The American Surgecenter, 26th Street, Villa 408, Al Rawdah Area, telephone number +9712 4430909.

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About The Right Bite Nutrition Centre

Right Bite is a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service.  A pioneer in advocating healthy eating habits, Right Bite is dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through educated food choices, and by providing customised meal packages that are results-oriented, convenient and flavourful.  Right Bite works with the best medical and culinary experts to ensure that eating healthier becomes a way of life for its customers.


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