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Drop the stress and pop the pill to be a stunning bride

The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Radiance Supplements – for beautiful skin from within

So, you have picked your designer trousseau, noted for songs the band would play and have taken care of every preparation in between; but if you haven’t planned ahead for your bridal beauty and grooming routine, your skin could end up with some real wedding blues!

The Organic Pharmacy, famed for its eco-organic skincare range brings in its revolutionary supplement for skin radiance. A proven nutritious formula that protects the skin nourishes and promotes tissue repair and collagen formation. Its healing traits contain antioxidants that build and maintain supple soft skin.  Enriched with natural ingredients like Acai, Goji, Rose Hip and Bilberry; the capsules are totally devoid of any side effects and harmful elements.

Skin experts at The Organic Pharmacy believe that outer beauty starts from within. It is essential that brides-to-be begin their skin care regime way before the D-day in order to look their ravishing best. Setting a schedule that consists of the most important health and beauty needs like, The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Radiance Supplements, will ensure a poised and serene bride walking the aisle. It not only gets you the healthiest glow on your skin but also prepares your nails and hair to befit the momentous occasion.

Margo Marrone at The Organic Pharmacy says, “We have often seen brides do too much to their skin just days before the wedding. This not only leaves them panic stricken and stressed but also unhappy with the way their skin looks closer to the day. We have developed our skin radiance supplements in order to build and maintain a healthy glow and a perfect routine to undertake before you say I do.

Normally our skin needs 28 days to regenerate or for products and supplements to start to show excellent result. Hence it is advised brides-to- be start any kind of regimen 2 month prior to the wedding day.

Available at The Organic Pharmacy stores, the Skin Radiance Supplements are priced at AED 270 for 120 capsules and are prescribed for 3 capsules a day.



About The Organic Pharmacy

Founded by husband and wife team Margo and Francesco Marrone, The Organic Pharmacy aims to bring customers the best products, advice and treatments free of all the toxic ingredients commonly found in mainstream cosmetics and health products. The first Organic Pharmacy opened on London’s Kings Road in 2002. Margo and Francesco’s passion and dedication for all things truly organic, means their very high standards have not changed since their founding day. The Organic Pharmacy has opened its first store at Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi.

About Lvcrae LLC

Founded by Shuja H Jashanmal, Lvcrae LLC, which is based in Dubai, aims to be recognized as a leading retailer partner for new and emerging, beauty & lifestyle brands in the Middle East and Asia.  With over 25 years’ experience in the region, we strive to excel in retail and distribution strategies through traditional and emerging channels and support these channels individually with bespoke sales and marketing activities.  Lvcrae LLC invests in and supports brand growth by establishing stand alone, SIS, and kiosk retail concepts across key locations in the region.  Lvcrae LLC also operates Police kiosks across the UAE as well as distributes, REN Clean Skincare, Nougat London bath & body ranges, Moliabal hair accessories, and Rancé luxury fragrances.





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