Buying Quality Palladium Boots


Palladium shoes are perhaps some of the most renowned quality boot brands in the world.

Brief Brand History

The history of palladium boots is a rather interesting one. It perhaps is indicative of the quality and practical functionality of palladium boots today. The company traces its origin to the 1920s, at a time when boot production had not even been contemplated. The Palladium Company was originally a producer of high quality tires for aircraft post the Second World War.

The company took off impressively in the lead up, during and after the Second World War. However, after the Second World War ended, demand for quality tires for aircraft waned. The company was left pondering its options and had to diversify as a matter of business survival.

Palladium boots production

Forced to diverse by circumstances at the time, the Palladium Company decided to try its hands on boots. From the outset, the company set out to produce sturdy, solid and tough boots; only comparable to their strong aircraft tires. The company unveiled its first truly sturdy battle ready boots in 1947, known as the Pampa boot.

The boots were so likeable that the French Legion took to using them in the North African expeditions. Palladium boots had just been born. The history of boots has never been the same. Palladium’s advanced manufacturing techniques have been put to producing quality, durable boots for decades.

Modern boot designs

The Palladium Company’s modern boots are sturdy as their predecessors used by French Legions in North African expeditions. The French put the boots through hours of torment in tough terrains but they survived to tell the tale. Even today, the company still designs its classic boot line with time tested quality manufacturing processes.

The boots are strong and relevant as they were in the 1940s. Modern palladium boots benefit from over 60 years of authentic manufacturing. They are made from quality materials that can hold their own against nature and tough terrains.