You’ll never walk alone at TEC

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You’ll never walk alone at TEC

You’ll never walk alone at TEC

Total Elliptic Centre proves some things really do get better with age as senior members show fitness is just a state of mind



Members ages range from 20 to 64, showing it’s never too late to start, and those wishing to reinvent themselves and begin a healthier life-style need look no further, with than Total Elliptic Centre. It not only offers its members classes but also access to the weight loss support group, a revolutionary nutrition plan and a MyZone belt which is included in the start-up fee and allows members to monitor their cardio efforts and calories burnt during the classes.

Member of 12 months, Maxine Smathers initially joined the Total Elliptic Centre for its easy access and positive, attentive and caring team. ‘Initially I joined because the team was so welcoming and supportive, all the other gyms I went to were full of slim, fit and young people and I couldn’t bring myself to join because I felt so out of place.’ Maxine said.

‘Apart from my fellow members who are truly inspirational, it has been my results that have really kept me going back. I am so much fitter, with more energy and I feel happier and more attractive in myself. I like sticking to a routine, and medically I have had less back pain and my breathing is a lot easier, I’m not out of breath climbing the stairs or walking down the road anymore and I think a lot of that is being able to work at your own pace. My attitude has definitely changed, it’s a great stress buster.’

With 80% of people over the age of 65 experience problems trying to complete basic exercises, little wonder Maxine is feeling so good. Exercise, leads to a release of endorphins (naturally-occurring chemicals that are released through exercise that make you feel cheerful) and has been proven to reduce the risk of dementia according to a 35 year study conducted by Cardiff University in the UK.

The average life expectancy in the UAE at the moment is 76 years, five years less than the UK’s 81 years, this could be a result of the high obesity percentage in the UAE. Which could be blamed on certain hereditary illnesses, however, a significant proportion can certainly be blamed on so called lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes; due to a lack of exercise (Dubai, UAE is the fifth most obese country in the world according to a BMC Public Health journal). The situation is unlikely to improve in the short term as the UAE’s population begins to age and live longer.

‘We are noticing a lot more enquiries from seniors, often they have lower back and knee pain and because the machines are adaptable this is something we can overcome. It is great that people are trying to become more active and we always try to encourage members to push themselves whilst being cautious,’ said Javier Lanfranchi, the General Director at Total Elliptic.

‘The benefit of exercising at the Total Elliptic Centre, is that all members undergo a fitness assessment so we can evaluate where individuals are. We aren’t just signing members up and getting them into classes, we are sitting and speaking with everyone, ensuring that they are able to participate safely –that’s our biggest concern,’ he added.

The Centre, which uses Indoorwalking machines, has recently celebrated its first anniversary and burnt off an extraordinary collective of over 6.5million calories.

Located in Tecom at the Yassat Gloria Hotel, TEC can boasts zero injuries since its opening, with all ages and fitness levels being taken into account. For more information, call 04 381 8931 or visit the website:

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About Total Elliptic:

Located in Tecom, The Total Elliptic Centre is a training and weight management centre; where members can find motivation and support through its professional guidance and unique to the GCC indoorwalking machines.

Location: Floor 8, Yassat Gloria Hotel, Tecom

Opening Times:  Sunday – Thursday 0800-1300 and 1700-2100

For more information, call 04 381 8931 or visit the website: or visit their Facebook







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