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The Project

Tangible excellence, discretion and research: the new Trussardi MY NAME fragrance explores the most feminine
and sensorial areas in the communicative world of the brand it represents.

Its name expresses the identity of each woman and her relationship with the world in a delicate balance between
belonging to a collective heritage and personal distinction. It is unique and universal.

The concept is transformed into images that reveal the magical encounter between unique places and unique
people. The urban aesthetics of Milan, a city possessing a profound bond with the Trussardi brand, comes to life in
the courtyards and hidden interiors of its palazzos. The journey rediscovers familiar places through an irresistible
olfactory path that takes us, like a spiral, right to our inner core.

Trussardi MY NAME. Discovery and an introspective search are the main themes of a universal project and the
fundamental elements expressed through the name, packaging and advertising.


The Bottle: A Harmonious Touch

The Trussardi MY NAME bottle is inspired by the essence of femininity: it is a visual interpretation of a woman’s
feminine seduction.

Designed, like the Trussardi MY LAND men’s fragrance, by architect Antonio Citterio, it explores the most feminine
and sensorial areas to achieve an aesthetic completeness that envisions a new sense of excellence.

The transparent glass bottle with delicately rounded corners is defined by a sequence of oval elements that evoke
the distinctive shape of the Trussardi logo and reflect light from within, highlighting the fragrance. The greyhound,
the historic symbol of the fashion Maison, is in gold at the center of the bottle, while a feminine font is used for
the words MY NAME.

The elliptical cap in soft material enveloped in silver mesh releases the delicate notes of the Trussardi MY NAME
fragrance. It evokes the memory of antique spray bottles with retro charm and creates tangible desire and harmony
that brings to mind an intimate personal relationship with objects.

The Packaging: Elegant and Minimalist

The sleek, minimalist Trussardi MY NAME packaging comes in a refined pearly color with a mesh pattern decorated
with the same oval elements on the bottle.

The name of the Trussardi MY NAME fragrance and the Maison logo are a part of a coordinated project that
expresses the excellence of the Trussardi brand and Italian style.


The Fragrance

This fragrance is instantly seductive, pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. A symphony of noble and precious
ingredients, showing a new facet of Lilac. A delicate composition of White Violet and Heliotrope Flower are on top
of this addictive perfume. Emphasizing the elegant power of Trussardi, a blend of enchanting Lilac and seductive
Arum Flower makes her confident and irresistible.

Wearing the perfume as a second skin, she exudes addictive note of Vanilla, enveloped by Musk and Ambroxan. It
declares that there is no better time than now to be beautiful and radiant.

White Violet
Heliotrope Flower

Arum Flower

Olfactory Family: Floral Musk Amber
Nose: Aurélien Guichard

White Violet has a delicate, subtle scent with floral and talc notes. It gently blends with the sensuality of the Lily.

Heliotrope has soothing vanilla tones that give the fragrance a comfortable roundness. Joyful and radiant, it adds a light floral touch.

Lilac with its floral elements adds a hint of sweetness and grace to the fragrance. Its refreshing “poudré” aspect reveals a certain sensuality.

The Arum flower completes the bouquet and brings an enveloping sensation to the fragrance.

Musk gives the fragrance roundness and a sense of rapture. It is warm and sensual on the skin. Musk enriches the base notes of perfumes
with intensity, persistence, and personality.

Ambroxan makes the scent linger and also adds unrivaled sensuality. It reveals delicate notes and gives the fragrance vibrancy.

Vanilla provides the fragrance with sweet, soothing tones that go particularly well with Oriental perfumes. Its warm, spicy notes give the
scent character and sensuality.

: AED 290
: AED 400