BEAUTY ALERT: DSquared2 Wild

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 BEAUTY ALERT: DSquared2 Wild


Inspiration: Call of the wild

Contemporary and self-sufficient, this man works and plays within the paradigms of modern life and urban society. Yet his daily existence is attuned to a faintly audible thrum of rebellion that comes from deep within. Driving him to seek his own liberty, he is drawn to its magnetic pull, taking him to a place where, finally he is free.

“For us fragrance has an emotional connection to who we are, it uncovers a long-held desire or dream, which is why the concept of Wild has such an intrinsic link to us and the ideology of Dsquared2. The ultimate authentic expression of self is to live with complete freedom of speech and mind – we are fascinated with this concept especially IN TODAY’S SOCIETY,” Dean and Dan Caten, Dsquared2.


Scent: Wild by heart

Wild is an evolution of Dsquared2 olfactory journey inspired by and founded in the elements of nature. Building on a pathway forged by debut scent He Wood and follow up Potion, Wild is a new fragrance chapter for Dsquared2 that explores man’s desires and his connection to the natural and urban world that surrounds him. Wild materializes Dsquared2 passion for the avant-guard and unorthodox approach to fashion.


Bottle: Wild spirit
Elegantly shaped with soft lines that gently curve into rounded shoulders, Wild’s clear glass flacon is tall and refined. Finished with a diminutive shiny black cap, the bottle is symbolically harnessed with supple black leather that draws inspiration from stallion bridals, saddles and bandage style straps. This bold design element, conceived by Dean and Dan Caten, underscores the contrast of the untamed concept of the scent that is captured within.


Packing: Wild Elegance
Complementing the sophistication flacon, the packing transmits a subdued elegance. Textured pale gray card in the outer box is printed with shiny black bold lettering.


The fragrance: Wild Passion
An overwhelming perfume that announces a free and wild soul.


Unexpected Ride
Suddenly the air is filled with the aromatic freshness of Santolina with evocative and vibrant tones of Resin.


Riding Free
Distinctive and intense notes of Opoponax, mixed with modern ambery accents of Neolabdanum, express virility, strength and force.


Free Your Passion
The sensuality of Vegetal Amber expresses a sillage full of character. Combined with primitive and deep notes of Humus this fragrance exudes the discovery of the unexpected.


Unexpected Ride


Resin Accord


Riding Free




Free Your Passion

Vegetal Amber

Humus Accord


Olfactive Family: Woody Aromatic

Nose: Daphné Bugey – Annick Menardo



Eau de toilette

Eau de toilette 50 ml Natural Spray – 235 AED / 235 QR / 24.25 BD / 240 SR / 18.35 KD

Eau de toilette 100 ml Natural Spray – 335 AED / 335 QR / 34.55 BD/ 345 SR / 26.10 KD