Tiffany’s 2014 Blue Book arrives

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Tiffany’s 2014 Blue Book arrives with all the color and energy of spring’s dramatic awakening. The magic unfolds with the rarest gemstones. Formed by earth and fire, these miracles of indescribable beauty are celebrated in designs as diverse and exuberant as nature itself. Blue Book proclaims them the world’s most magnificent jewels, eagerly awaited by collectors and connoisseurs.

Gemstones were key to Tiffany’s rise to prominence from its founding in New York City to the international renown it enjoys today. Throughout its 177-year history, Tiffany dispatched gemologists to search the globe for the most extraordinary stones. Blue Book is the supreme showcase for these legendary gems. With a power and poetry all their own, they write the next chapter of Tiffany’s illustrious heritage, bursting forth in the ultimate jewels of glamour and style. Many are inspired by designs from the Tiffany Archives—and all are handcrafted by masters of the jeweler’s art.

Blue Book honors Tiffany’s reputation for the world’s most beautiful diamonds, exemplars of color and clarity and cut to captivate with a pure brilliance. Among these coveted creations are an astonishing 12.45-carat diamond ring and a necklace that transforms sleek 1930s glamour into rivers of marquise diamonds that twist and swirl apart in streams of sparkling rose-cut diamonds.

The collection’s colorful spectrum is richly symbolic of the gemstones that Tiffany introduced throughout its history. Blue Book affirms this zest for discovery with a wealth of gems that ignite nature’s most incandescent hues, the colors of sky and sea, and the blush of dawn. Tiffany designers combine these gems in fantastic ways. Fancy pink, blue and yellow sapphires blossom on platinum vines that adorn the neckline as if dancing in a gentle breeze.Following the pointillist paintings of French Post-Impressionist artist Georges Seurat, a pendant of purple and pink sapphires captures the delicacy of flowers; and earrings of blue sapphires, green garnets and tourmalines trace the dragonfly’s iridescent wings.

Tiffany designers utilize 18 karat gold to highlight the harmony of red-orange fire opals, yellow diamonds and pink tourmalines in jewels based on archival designs from the early 20th century. An elegant openwork bracelet and a medallion pendant blaze brighter with the warmth of this precious metal, reflecting the opulence of a golden era.

Altogether the 2014 Blue Book is boundless in imagination and rich with the passion and dedication that forged the great tradition of Tiffany & Co.

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