Slendertone Optimum is the ultimate gadget

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Slendertone Optimum is the ultimate gadget

Slendertone Optimum is the ultimate gadget for health & fitness junkies

  • Slendertone Optimum is a revolutionary full-body trainer that allows you to manage pain, tone your muscles and improve your performance
  • Now available in the Middle East at Beauty Solutions Trading and Citruss TV


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Slendertone Optimum is an easy to use, revolutionary full body trainer with the patented EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology.  The Slendertone technology makes the Optimum different from other electrical stimulation devices on the market by offering several different programs for strengthening, toning and pain relief.   EMS is used by athletes and physiotherapists as a preparation for sport and as recuperation afterwards, while TENS is a pain relief therapy using electrical impulses for the treatment of muscle stiffness and stress related pain.  Combining these two technologies, Slendertone Optimum offers several different programs for various purposes: muscle building, recovery, muscular pain, everyday stress and massage.
Suitable for men and women, Slendertone Optimum kit comes with a controller unit with different cables which will run the program you want to do, and small and large pads or electrodes that you attach on to your body where you want the electrostimulation to work.  There are 23 programmes you can do to address your sports, toning and health needs:
7 Sports Programmes:
Warm up, Resistance, Strength, Speed, Explosive Strength, Stamina, Recovery
Support for sport preparation and recovery afterwards



6 Toning Programmes:
Firming, Muscle Definition, Toning, 2 x Massage, Drainage
Toning and defining your muscles
10 Health Programmes:
3 x TENS, Neck/Headaches, Back pain, Sciatica, Anti-inflammatory, Regeneration, Recovery, Skin regeneration
With these programs you can both relieve and avoid aches and pains which occur as a result of sitting too long at a desk, standing for a long period, or driving for a long time.
Slendertone Optimum, offered at a suggested retail price of AED 2,200, is available at Beauty Solutions Trading, and can be ordered through telephone number +971 4 3746950.  The product can also be purchased through Citruss TV.

About Beauty Solutions:
Beauty Solutions Trading and Consulting is the leading marketer and distributor of globally-recognised lifestyle and beauty brands to the Middle East. Actively researching international markets for the most innovative and pioneering products, Beauty Solutions is focused on bringing the most sought after and world-renowned brands that deliver on their promises to the region’s discerning consumers. Beauty Solutions, with its team of international experts, also provide consultancy services to brands wishing to enter the GCC Market and to business people in the region wishing to successfully launch luxury lifestyle and beauty brands locally.

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