Semi Permanent Make Up to Harley Street Standards available in Dubai

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Semi Permanent Make Up to Harley Street Standards available in Dubai

Semi Permanent Make Up to Harley Street Standards available in Dubai

Dubai – Semi Permanent Make Up – The standard of semi permanent make up treatments in Dubai has risen in recent months.  Now practitioners wishing to offer treatments in Spas and Salons are required to take an examination to certify the machine and equipment used as well as ensuring the technician is able to perform semi permanent make up treatments to an acceptable level.

Medical Centres and Medical Spas fall under a different licensing department and must pass stricter criteria in order to perform semi permanent make up treatments.

Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty based in Dubai performs semi permanent make up to the highest level and has done so for almost 4 years in Dubai.  Candice has over 27 years in the beauty industry and prior to moving to Dubai Candice owned a very successful semi permanent make up company in East Sussex and worked and trained on Harley Street London.  Working on Harley Street gave Candice the knowledge require to perform semi permanent make up treatments to the highest level.  Candice also is one of the few practitioners in Dubai to offer Medical Micropigmentation for scar camouflage, pigment loss and vitiligo, areola reconstruction and even repairing areas of hair loss.

Candice also offers corrections and reshaping to treatments that may not have been performed as intended by other practitioners around the region.  The removal method used is one that gentle extracts the pigment from the skin using a special removals cream applied using a dry needling technique.  The cream attaches itself to the pigment which is then expelled from the area using the bodies natural healing process.  Complete removal is achieved over several applications and is the only corrective solution on the market to completely remove poorly performed treatments even if with treatments performed many years previously.

Candice Watson_Dubai Semi Permanent Make Up to Harley Street StandardsCandice says the number one rule when thinking of having a semi permanent make up procedure is to always do your homework.  Researching and confirming the practitioners are using the correct machines and pigments and are adequately trained is essential prior to committing to any treatment.

The most common issue with cheaper or poorly performed treatments is the pigments are permanent and not semi permanent as they should be.   Permanent and body tattoos are illegal in Dubai.  The pigments used for body tattoos are cheaper and are intended to last a lifetime.  Also body tattoos fade over the years with the pigment fading to blue, red or somewhere in-between.  Many of Candice’s clients who come to her for corrective procedures are often a result of other practitioners using these permanent pigments.  The process of removal can sometimes require multiple treatments with a cost that far outweighs the extra cost of finding a practitioner who performs semi permanent make up treatments as they should be performed.

The other issue Candice faces is if treatments are performed using body tattoo machines.  Again these are cheaper but the process of applying pigment into the skin is very different to the way it should be with the finely tuned process associated with semi permanent make up procedures.  Semi permanent make up machines implant pigments in to the upper dermal layer of the skin whilst machines for body tattoos implant the pigment much deeper into the skin.  As mentioned body pigments turns blue over time and due to the depth within the skin the removals procedure takes even longer, usually over many treatments in severe cases with no guarantee the tattoo will be fully removed.  In these extreme cases Candice advises a mixture of removal treatments until the area is faded adequately allowing a new treatment to be applied, with any areas left covered with pigments to camouflage and conceal the tattoo underneath.

If you are think of having a semi permanent make up treatment or would like further details on the do’s and don’t s of semi permanent make up then Candice can be contacted at  Alternatively appointments can be made by calling the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery where Candice performs her treatments on 04 375 2393.

For more details on semi permanent make up treatments and other services by Candice and Exclusive Beauty please see or website



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