Rado DiaMaster Limited Edition

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Rado DiaMaster Limited Edition

Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition

Modern materials and a masterful movement for ultimate lightness
(Lengnau, Switzerland) The ability to reinvent, constant innovation and pushing the boundaries to effect real change. If this is Rado, then the Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition is the epitome of the brand.

The show-stopping stand out piece in a collection of pared-down design watches, the Rado DiaMaster RHW1 mixes the Rado business of high-tech materials with the pleasure of adding something new in the world of watchmaking – this time an unusual movement for a high-tech ceramic watch.

The case material was chosen for being twice as light as standard ceramic. Si3N4
TiN is a form of high-tech ceramic composite that Rado has researched and developed in its latest quest for innovation. Made by heating the mixed powders at
1800°C in an over pressure atmosphere of nitrogen, it is known for its superior wear- resistance.

The ‘old bronze’ colour gives the watch case a rugged, lived-in appearance. This is a watch that seems to have a story or two to tell about where it has been. The choice of leather for the strap adds to the windswept and mysterious appeal of this undeniably cool and manly timepiece.

Hard as nails, light as a feather
The materials may give this DiaMaster its look, but it is the movement that gives the watch its soul. Rado innovations are usually seen in the materials used for the outside of our watches – this DiaMaster also has a Rado innovation on the inside.

Lightness and comfort are two qualities that are always taken into consideration at the design stage of a new Rado watch. As the Si3N4 TiN that is used for the RHW1 is half the weight of high-tech ceramic Rado usually uses, it was important to develop a movement that was equally light, but that suited the personality of the watch. The first stage was to remove the oscillating weight, so this had to be a hand-winding mechanical watch. Next the plates and the bridge, which are traditionally made in brass were replaced by lightweight aluminium. Aluminium is known for its low density and, therefore, for its lightness as well as its durability. In order to make the aluminium parts even more durable, they have been anodised to increase their hardness. Anodisation changes the structure of the metal near the surface of the aluminium and also makes it easier to colour. In the case of the RHW1 the plates and bridge are black.

Aluminium movements were used in pocket watches in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries because of their lightness. It was this past trend and focus on lightness that inspired Rado to use such a movement – the RHW1, which is exclusive to Rado – for the first time in an extremely light and high-tech wristwatch.

As ever, the Rado designers have given this limited edition a modern twist to create a watch that oozes 21st century style.

Rado: typically unconventional ideas lead to outstanding design.


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