Pin Collar Shirts: Its Purpose and Various Styles

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Being elegant and stylish, the pinned collar shirt is one of the men’s favorite fashion styles.
A pin collar has its own purpose aside from the great look that it gives with men. The pin is considered to be one of the jewelry for men. As such, wearing a pin collar is a “dressed” collar style.

The collar pin serves its two main purposes as you wear it. For one, the pin is able to bring the collar tabs close with each other. This will allow you to have a more unique and endearing look from the others. Also, the pin supports the knot of your necktie to make your tie more prominent. It is a must for you to wear a tie as you wear pinned collar shirt.


Collar Pin Styles

• Style Safety Pin

This type of pin is same as the traditional safety pin that a mother usually uses to pin their baby’s diaper. However, this comes with perfect style and elegance with its certain design together with some custom jewelry ornaments. Its mechanics of use is identical with the conventional safety pin wherein you push its sharp side to the collar tabs and place the item back safely in its holster.

• Style Dumbbell Pin

Like a miniature barbell, one of its ends is threaded with the use of fine threads. It has features alike with the safety pin style as it goes inside the collars. This only difference it makes is that this type of collar pin is so dull. To use this type of pin, you need a shirt that has holes with metal alignment in its collars. To have it placed, have its one end unscrewed and put the needles inside the collar holes. Afterwards, screw back the removable end.

• Clip Style Pin Collar

In contrast with the previous discussed pins, this type of pin collar is made with the use of clips in order to put the collar in place together. it simply works by grabbing the ends of the collar and have them pulled together. However, there is a great tendency to be detached and have your pin collar on the loose. To wear this type of pin collar, attach its end first and pull it up on the center. Then, have the other end and tie it to the pin collar.

Using collar pin may make or break your outfit. When you use it, have it used with complementary colors. These pins are made with either silver or gold finish. This finish must be properly matched with your outfit. Also, your style of preference would greatly affect the type of pin and finish you will be using. In general, it is best that the finish will greatly compliment your wristwatch or belt buckle.


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