Paese unveils new range

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 Paese unveils new range

Paese unveils new range of body care products

Dubai – Paese, an award winning Polish Cosmetics brand, has just announced a range of four new products to address the needs of fashionable women in the summer which has just started and encouraging the use of quality products and maintain the natural beauty especially of face.

The new range includes all the basic necessary must-have items are highly tested and quality products including Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins, lipstick with Argan Oil, Matte foundation and Treats & Tricks.

Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins – The product Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins is fully active and contains more than 90% of Silica. It helps absorbing excess of sebum and moisture. The antibacterial and calming properties help healing of the skin and regulates production process of sebum glands.

The balance use reflects light, and adding ‘soft focus’ which also reduce the effects of wrinkles and small skin defects. This is the main reasons which encourage makeup artists and photographers using this product and getting the required results.

The bamboo powder is enriched with luxury Silk Powder has moisturizing properties too.

Retail Price – 64 AED


Lipstick with Argan Oil – Want a mirror like shining; the lipstick with Argan Oil is the only option as it is the latest innovation based on the unique formula with addition of cosmetic industry’s most valued ingredient, the Argan Oil.

This lipstick ensures strong coverage with intensive colour as the formula is based on high quality and strong pigments to achieve the ‘long-lasting effects’.

Retail Price – 39 AED


Matte Foundation – The new formulated Matte Foundation has nice face powder effects as it has exceptional perfume-free foundation. Those who have the issue of oily and mixed skin will find this foundation a great product. The use of Matte Foundation will bring velvet effects without the use of additional coat of powder.

Applying this foundation properly will also reflects balance tone on the skin especially between the shiny and dry parts, at the same time moisturizing the rest of complexion.

The product is enriched with the active components like Vitamine E, Hyaluronic acid, mattifying micro-sponges and Titanium oxide

Retail Price – 92 AED


Treats & Tricks For Nails – The set of four treats are highly recommended products are the solution of every issue related to nails from brittle, fragile, dry, discolouration and stains, thin and weaks.

The treats comprises of Vitamin Oil, Active Calcium Gel, Oxy Bright and Hard As Steel with every single is highly effected and bring the acquire results.

Vitamin Oil – It have almond and lemon oils as active components to target brittle, fragile nails and dry cuticles. The result will be well-groomed nails and cuticles.

Oxy Bright – With the active components like Vitamin C, calcium, algae extract and UV filters, the gel targeting nails with discolouration and stains. The result is bright, shiny and healthy nails.

Calcium Gel – The gel is a product with the active components of calcium and provitamin B5. Fragile and thin nails are the primary target of the gel to get the result of hard and strong nails.

Hard As Steel – The target of this treat is thin and weak nails tend to crack. The active components comprises of 2% formal-dehyde, UV filter and diamond micro-powder. The regular applying not only create protective coat on nails but also made them stronger and hard.

Retail Price – 42 AED




About Paese Cosmetics: Paese is an award winning Polish Cosmetics brand, whose name is derived from an Italian word meaning ‘country’ (Pa’eze). Their mission is to create ‘a land for women full of colour, beauty and happiness’. Paese cosmetics offer a full range of products from Primers to Foundations and Nail Varnishes.

Paese has a total of 10 stores in the UAE.




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