Paese introduces new products

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Paese introduces new products as Spring Collection

Paese introduces new products as Spring Collection

 A perfect must-have range for every woman to enjoy

the spring with a style


The new products including powder pearls, waterproof eyeliner, foundation in two shades of velvet and satin besides serum for dry skins – will ease the life of every woman to enjoy the spring outdoor while having no fair to see any harm.

SERUM contains three types of Hyaluronic acids, which action complement each other. Super Low Molecular Weight acid increases the level of moisture within th

e skin; the Low Molecular Weight acid moisturizes the skin and increases the penetration of active substances. The High Molecular Weight acid forms a layer on the skin surface which prevents water evaporation. Therefore the skin is well-hydrated from both inside and outside. Well hydrated it becomes smooth, firm, supple and elastic. Hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin’s protective properties. Thanks to its antioxidant properties – increases the skin’s resistance to harm full free radicals. It has anti-aging properties, used regularly reduces deep wrinkles. Retail Price: 119 AED

Paese introduces new products as Spring Collection 2


LUST VELVET Mattifying foundation with Hyaluronic acid, mixed and oily skin.  Mineral foundation ensures effect of ideal smooth and matte skin, with imperfections thoroughly covered. Doesn’t clog the pores, because of its NO TALC formula. Colours available including porcelain, warm beige, natural, golden beige and tanned.

Retail Price: 119 AED

POWDER PEARLS are elegant pearls which perfectly imitate or highlight a tan, giving the skin a warm golden shade. The complexion is naturally radiant, as if it had been kissed by the sun. Apply the pearls generously on the face, neck, shoulder and eyelids.

Retail Price: 76 AED

WATERPROOF EYELINER The pen liner for drawing perfect lines which will be very durable, efficient and easy to apply. Leave a visible, deep and durable line which perfectly highlights the eye. It keeps through the day without further amendments. The formula includes soothes, moisturizes, regenerates and provides on anti-inflammatory protection. The presence of glycerine also prevents water loss from the epidermis. Eyeliner is available in five shades. Retail Price: 56 AED

About Paese Cosmetics: Paese is an award winning Polish Cosmetics brand, whose name is derived from an Italian word meaning ‘country’ (Pa’eze). Their mission is to create ‘a land for women full of colour, beauty and happiness’. Paese cosmetics offer a full range of products from Primers to Foundations and Nail Varnishes.

With a new store at Deira City Centre, Paese has a total of 10 stores in the UAE.



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