Olga Nurek is the talented new designer

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Olga Nurek is the talented new designer 1

Olga Nurek – Bio

Chief Designer of Victoria Strange Couture           


Olga Nurek is the talented new designer who is making a huge impact on the local fashion market. A graduate of the famous Esmod Fashion School, Olga has a true love for her work and designs and is now the driving force behind Victoria Strange Couture.

Victoria Strange Couture is a fashion design house, based here in Dubai, and concentrates on creating individual wedding and evening dresses that are hand crafted from start to finish for the client.

You only have to spend a few minutes with this designer to understand that you are talking to a creative and passionate designer who loves and breathes ladies fashion and is determined to make her client look and feel beautiful.

“It is my true love to design and I am so lucky that I can look at a woman and completely imagine her in one of my designs. I can see exactly what will look good on different ladies and it excites me to create the perfect outfit for her special occasion…”

The dresses on show, at the equally stunning boutique in Umm Suquiem, are a mixture of classic French design and Olga’s own unique twist. Her latest evening dress collection is a beautiful Baroque style theme that exudes regal elegance and has even been seen on red carpets in Europe.

Here in Dubai, Victoria Strange Couture is focused on adorning local women in beautiful evening and wedding dresses that compliment both the individual and respects their individual culture.

“One of our first commissions was by a local lady for a family wedding who asked us to create an evening dress for the event. The dress was a huge hit and we are still now receiving customers who saw it and loved it so much they wanted their own piece of individual glamour and art to wear. “

Victoria Strange Couture looks set to be one of the leading design houses in the UAE and with the talent and enthusiasm of Olga Nurek it will not be long before this talent is gracing the catwalk and runways of Europe.Olga Nurek is the talented new designer 3

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