New Sunsilk Leave On Cream!


New Sunsilk Leave On Cream

Introducing the new Sunsilk Leave On Cream, the latest from the co-creators! The cream should be applied to damp hair and combed through to manage and style as required.  You can use it as many times as you want during the day and there is no need to wash your hair afterwards!

The variants available for the Sunsilk Leave On Cream are:

  • Expert Perfect Straight range which was co-created by hair straightening expert Yuko Yamashita
  • Damage Reconstruction range is the work of Sunsilk co-Creator, celebrity hair stylist and damage hair expert Thomas Taw
  • Expert Obedient Curls range was co-created by “Queen of Curls” Ouidad
  • Weather Defense range was developed by international style expert and co-Creator Teddy Charles

All variants can be found at local supermarkets throughout the country at 300ml starting from AED 25.

And here is a tip from each of the co-creators!

“Maintaining poker straight hair can be tricky, however, by including a treatment, conditioner, and combing cream into your daily hair routine you can avoid any friction between hairs which causes damage.” – Yuko Yamashita, Co-Creator of Expert Perfect Straight Range

“Running your fingers through your hair from root to tip is a sure fire way to check if damage is present – get stuck? Then you have got damaged hair. The more resistance, the more damage.” – Thomas Taw, Co-Creator of Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Range

“When applying conditioner concentrate on 2 inches away from the roots and work the conditioner through the rest of the hair, as this is where it needs the most moisture to leave it shiny and healthy.” – Ouidad, Co-Creator of Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Range

“Your hair gets used to many things; even partings can force your hair to lay flat especially if it’s always in the same place. Try some variation in your hairdo every once in a while by parting hair on the other side. Your roots will then stand up again and create more volume.” – Teddy Charles, Co-Creator of Sunsilk Weather Defense Range


For additional information, please contact:

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Regional PR Manager, Unilever



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PR Executive, Unilever