A new range of Beauty Cosmetics

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 A new range of Beauty Cosmetics

Vipera Cosmetics introduces a new range of Beauty cosmetics

Dubai– Vipera Cosmetics, the highly esteemed European cosmetics brand has introduced a specially crafted set of beauty cosmetics for its valued customers. The new line introduces four ranges including Rendezvous Lipstick, Speedo nail polishes, Photomodel Makeup, and Spider Mascara. Rendezvous lipstick brings life to the face while the spider mascara adds depth and meaning to the eyes. In addition, the new and exciting Photomodel makeup corrects the skin tone and brightens the visage while the Speedo nail polishes ensure that one’s nails look fabulous at all times!


Rendezvous Lipstick

Vipera brings to the stores its newest product offering, the long-lasting smudge free pastel lipstick.

This bright pink color has a delicate and silky texture which makes it easy to apply and look chic. Rendezvous lip color remains longer and elastic as time passes which packs a big plus for those who use lipsticks daily.

Rendezvous lipsticks originate from natural resources and thus serve the interests of its consumers and the environment. The lipstick also provides health benefits as it consists of antioxidants which protect the lips from daily damage such as free radicals and those chemicals that cause wrinkles and early aging.

Price – AED 55


Speedo Nail Polish Collection

Inspired by a generation of forward thinking women, Vipera Cosmetics showcases its newest introduction, a blue shade, with its cool yet happening. A perfect shade that goes well with both; a good pair of jeans or a bright summer dress!

The Speedo collection time and again has delivered class and style with impeccable quality to its clientele. Produced with elements that ensure faster drying time and an easy to use brush that covers the nail perfectly in just one smooth application, Speedo nail colors are made for women on the go.

Price – 35 AED


Photomodel Foundation

Vipera Cosmetics launches the newest photochromatic Foundation which is designed to adapt to different color tones. Not only does this adapt to one’s skin tone, but it can be used on any skin type, be it oily or dry. Therefore, it’s a wonderful product for a natural, flawless look. Photomodel superbly covers skin imperfections and softly smoothes wrinkles with a micro-net of widespread 3D silicones. One drop is enough to cover the entire face.

Photomodel Foundation has compounds that protect skin against sun damage. The natural UV filter reduces exposure to harmful rays of the sun, keeping the skin youthful for a longer time.

Price – AED 79


Spider Mascara

Spider mascara gets its name from the reach it has to each and every eyelash. It carefully touches upon each eyelash thereby guaranteeing volume of the eyelashes. In addition, it also lengthens eyelashes, making eyes more attractive and defined.

Spider Mascara truly makes the eyelashes thicker and longer promising an unparalleled glamorous and spectacular look that is sure to make heads turn!

Another feature that makes the mascara a must have are the tiny bubbles on the end of the brush. They enable lashes to appear intense and deep with just one application.

Spider Mascara has been formulated with elements that make it water resistant, smudge-proof and tear proof. Therefore, the eyes remain beautiful and stylish even if environments change.

Price – AED 55





VIPERA COSMETICS is an international brand, established for more than two decades, with more than 5,000 points of sale across 35 countries.

At the heart of the brands’ success is its product quality and range – with an incredible array of colors of over 300 colors of nail polish.  A dedicated product development team enables the brand to keep pace with the latest beauty and fashion trends.  Utilizing a kiosk concept, the promoters are able to keep overheads low and offer quality European manufactured cosmetics at an extremely attractive price.

All products are dermatologically tested and approved to be safe and hypo-allergenic. None of the products are tested on animals.

VIPERA COSMETICS is available across the UAE, KSA and Oman. Tel: 04-4289459


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