New Pond’s White Beauty Range

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New Ponds White Beauty Range 


Nature’s secret now revealed! Pond’s introduces White Beauty.


Introducing the new Pond’s White Beauty with the extract of the Camellia leaf, nature’s secret to clearer skin. The Camellia leaf inhibits the activities of tyrosinase which is the enzyme that produces melanin, helping to stop darkening before it starts. This is the result of years of research by Pond’s uncovering the whitening secrets locked inside the Camellia leaf.


The Pond’s White Beauty range includes a 50gm day cream and a 50 gm night cream, both starting from 16 DHS which can be found at local supermarkets.



For additional information, please contact:

Vivian Hawat

Regional PR Manager, Unilever



Rola Awad

PR Executive, Unilever




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