New Limited Edition ARTY BLOSSOM

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New Limited Edition ARTY BLOSSOM


New Limited Edition ARTY BLOSSOM Palette offers women that fresh and luminous look of the season

This spring 2014, Romanticism and Femininity with an arty twist are brought to life with the newly released limited edition ARTY BLOSSOM, the must-have eye shadow palette which blends fresh colours close to those found in nature to offer women that luminous and contemporary look of the season.

Inspired by Art continuously, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER, has created Arty Blossom palette with an exclusive new formula which can play on light and colour effects, just like the art of painting.

Combining eight refreshing and natural shades that balance well together: vibrant Gold plum, subtle Gold beige, Fresh Peach, Fresh Pink, Gold Green, Pearly White, Metallic Copper and Pearly Turquoise Blue, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s palette blossoms with strong, muted or subdued colours that can shift in intensity to make classic or abstract, subtle or artistic looks.

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The eye shadows in the palette come in an extraordinary new formula which was developed to obtain translucent colour effects. They look great on the skin and play fabulously with the light. They are less pigmented which makes them easy to use and more subtle in terms of colour results. They can be endlessly layered and contain a gentle glow that lights up the skin.  The palette’s bright, satiny or shimmering texture depending on the shade adds a veil of colour to the eyelid which instantly captures the light, bringing out the purity of the colour.

Two professional brushes in synthetic fibres are included in the palette so you can mix and match this range of delicate shades and reinvent colour with a subtle and pearly glow.



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ARTY BLOSSOM Palette Prices


CountryCurrencyArty Blossom Palette

200 AED


200 SAR


15 KWD


200 QAR


21 BHD


39 JOD

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