New Beauty Brands

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New Beauty Brands

New Beauty Brands Now Available On, the UAE’s biggest online mall is looking and feeling fabulous with a new range of luxurious beauty brands set to grace the latest trends of the season online. From velvet manicures and shimmering lipsticks, to 24 karat gold cleansers and imperial hair care, is your go-to online guru for everything beautiful.


Ciaté Velvet Manicure Berry Poncho

For an indulgent and unique manicure, the Ciaté Velvet Manicure Berry Poncho creates a finished effect unlike any other, with a rich velvety coat to your nails in a gorgeous on-trend crushed purple tone.

AED150 – available on



Ciaté Looking Glass Nail Polish

Add a touch of sparkle to your nails with the Ciaté Looking Glass Nail Polish for a holographic glittery finish. The flat brush guarantees a flawless and even finish to complete your look for that special occasion.

AED70 – available on

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Moment Shim

mer Lipstick

Light, airy and magical like the wings of a butterfly, the Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball shades contain a subtle flash of blue pearl in each shade to dress your lips, whilst moisturizing them with aloe vera and vitamins E, C and B. Available in a range of shades to compliment and suit every occasion, including sexy shimmering red, hot sexy pink and shimmery gold nude.

AED135 – available on


Orogold 24K Two-Step Cleansing Kit

The Orogold 24K Gold Milk Cleanser and the 24K Gold Purifying Facial Toner is a delicate and luxurious skincare routine designed to gently remove impurities, enrich and balance out your skin levels with Vitamin C & E, chamomile, jojoba and musk oils, to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

AED389 – available on

Herbline Essentials Stretch & Blemish Cream

To help strengthen skin and improve collagen structure by increasing its’ natural elasticity, the Herbline Essentials Stretch and Blemish Cream is an effective formula designed to soften damaged skin, repair damaged layers and tighten scare tissue. The unique blend of jojoba oil, papaya enzymes and other natural ingredients works hard to regenerate the skin.

AED164 – available on


Philip B Anti Frizz Formula 57

With the change in temperatures, frizzy hair days can become a thing of the past with the rich Vitamin E, lavender and soybean oils found in the Philip B Anti Frizz Formula 57. The deeply nourishing botanical complex provides the ideal dose of moisture to help maintain sleek hair whilst eliminating frizz.

AED165 – available on




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