Nail ‘ambulance’ goes the extra mile

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Nail ‘ambulance’ goes the extra mile

Nail ‘ambulance’ goes the extra mile for dames and damsels in distress

Keeping perfect nails just got easier – Nail Corner introduces a new emergency pick up and drop off service for ladies on the go

Picture the scene, the meeting with that huge potential client is just hours away and you’ve chipped a nail – disaster! Or your husband has called and his boss is in town, you’re going out for dinner tonight, you need some professional nail TLC in a hurry, what to do? Call the ‘Nail Ambulance’ and book yourself an emergency spa treatment.

Yes thanks to Nail Corner career ladies and homemakers who don’t necessarily have the luxury of planning time for a soothing ‘mani-pedi’ or relaxing spa day, or those who suddenly spot a horrendous cornified cuticle, or even accidentally chip or split a nail, can now be picked up in style from their offices and homes and chauffeur driven to Nail Corner’s ‘A&E unit’ in Knowledge Village for emergency treatment.

No longer do ladies have to put up with a patchwork repair job, which you know you’re going to be self-conscious about, no need to fret about where you left your car keys or your driving glasses either, don’t even stress about trying to find a parking space or hailing a cab, which let’s face it, probably won’t be able to change your AED500 note anyway. Just relax, apply a cold compress if necessary, call the ‘Nail Ambulance’, book the treatment and chill!

This latest service is available to ladies living or working within the Knowledge Village, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City area, who want to touch up their nails, wax or have a quick facial whilst on their lunch breaks. The transportation service comes for free, but booking does need to be made at least two hours in advance.

Nail Corner, which recently added a home service to its repertoire allowing women to indulge themselves in the comfort of their own home while experiencing pampering with various massages, facials, waxing, threading, manicures and pedicures. This service is ideal for a social event with friends or as a solution for some much needed ‘me’ time.

For more information about Nail Corner please visit the website: or call them at 04 434 2392.


About Nail Corner: Founded in 2009 by Lubna Nassar, Nail Corner is located in Knowledge Village and offers various beauty treatments including nails, waxing, threading massages, facials and a pick up and drop off service.


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