Morjana Launches Luxury Collection

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Morjana Launches Luxury Collection

Morjana Launches A New Spa Therapy Luxury Collection 

Dubai – French beauty brand Morjana launched a luxurious collection of relaxing facials, revitalizing body therapies and unique signature rituals in partnership with high-end spas in the region.

Three new, targeted and results-driven facials and slimming body rituals using Morjana’s signature ingredient of Argan oil, combined with the power of finest essential oils and botanical extracts and the latest techniques in relaxing spa therapies were launched in Dubai.

For body care, Nomad Secrets Ritual

For overall body rejuvenation and total body relaxation, Morjana has prudently gathered the historic secrets from the exotic and nomadic beauties of Morocco. The undiscovered enigmas of organic beauty rituals combined with modern cosmetic science have created this Nomad Secrets Ritual.  This unique ritual promises to transport you to a world of nourishing body care, comforting even the most sensitive of skins. The therapist starts by cleansing the face with Gentle Rose Milk and the body with Black Soap, followed by Jasmine Shea butter treatment and deep massages. Then the body is softened with oriental oils and finally moisturized with Morjana Shea butter cream. The main ingredient being Morjana’s Shea Butter, famous for its natural benefits from Tocopherol and essential fatty acids, Morjana has further combined the beauty benefits and aromas of Amber, Orange Cinnamon & Jasmine to create this divine moisturizer. The generous use of Morjana’s Shea Butter in this exotic ritual exceptionally repairs, firms, softens and regenerates the body’s skin. If one is looking for a heavenly treat, the Nomad Secrets Ritual is pure indulgence.

For face care, Sublime Ritual

To stimulate circulation and revive tired-looking skin, the Sublime Ritual was created exclusively using the finest aromatherapy products. Like an oasis to the desert traveller and rain to the dying leafs of a drying forest, this Morjana ritual is a hydrating treat for skin that has become dry due to weather conditions. This ritual is a true oasis for the skin-nourishing and hydrating the skin preventing skin aging. The facial ritual is performed with the luxurious Morjana Sublime Peeling products combined with Melting Honey and moisturized with the Sublime Cream.  The treatment is ideal for plumping & healing damaged skin.

For the under eye area, Fascination Ritual

Eyes are like windows to a woman’s true feelings and doors to her gentle heart. Women’s emotions and life take adverse effects quickly on the delicate skin around the eyes. Morjana’s fascination ritual is a sweet treatment for the eyes, with its fresh sensation and mysterious combination of active ingredients that will smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines, drain puffiness and hydrate the area eliminating dark circles. The Morjana Eye cream can be used as part of everyday skin care to maintain the radiance of the under eye and prevent aging in the long run.

Morjana’s new luxury spa treatments are designed to replenish thirsty skin with intensely nourishing rituals that will keep you look younger, bringing a new glow and detoxifying the body, resulting in a slimmer physique and a calm sense of well-being.



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