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AT THE BEAUTY WORLD MIDDLE EAST – 27th to 29th of MAY 2014

On the occasion of Beauty World Middle East, MARBELLA will present its latest collections “Fairy Jewels” (Bijoux Féériques) and eye liners made with precious materials such as gold, diamonds or precious stones. The Parisian brand, offering each woman the luxury of being different, will disclose on that occasion its unique concept “the MARBELLA Paris Eye-Bar” hoping to introduce it in Dubai soon.

Adopted by the big names in fashion design or the world famous cosmetic groups, MARBELLA offers its own reinterpretation of the art of beauty in order to light up all women. Its new collection EYE-LINERS CRYSTAL EYES, patches ready to stick decorated with Swarovski stones, dresses the look… while the collection EAR CUFF ROYAL anticipates the current trend of ear jewellery and adorns the body with refined and elegant jewellery.

Since 2005, Adeline Moniez, the MARBELLA designer, is working for the perfection of the patented skin-adhesive and hypoallergenic technology on which is based each of the pieces. Thus, MARBELLA offers the possibility to wear refined adornments and accessories next to the skin, self-adhesives, hypo-allergenic and re-positionables.

MARBELLA cares also for its culture “made in France” : the jewels, entirely made in France, are the result of a unique traditional know-how. Each peace is hand-made and  is composed of meticulously crafted materials participating to the brand prestige. A valuable work noticed by major brands such as Chanel, Dior, Lancôme or L’Oréal for whom MARBELLA also works.

Inspired by Oriental Art and the henna culture, Adeline Moniez wishes now to establish in UAE. “I share the culture of this region, its values and its beauty secrets. By opening out an office in Dubai, MARBELLA will be at the heart of oriental women’s expectations. We can then imagine new patterns or made-to-measure ornaments”, she added. “ We have noticed a true knowledge of our work during the last Baselworld Fair (World fair for goldsmiths and jewellery in Switzerland), we strive to meet the same success at the Beauty World Middle East. A make-up artist specially trained for the installation of eye-liners patches ready to stick will be provided by MARBELLA Paris EYE-BAR. She will advise on the choice of the appropriate form to the face and will explain how it can be put by oneself. This will allow a real discovery of the brand”.



MARBELLA gives great importance to regularly innovate and propose new designs. These designs are grouped in 6 main collections: EYE-LINERS, EAR CUFF ROYAL but also MARBELLA FASHION, luxurious jewels in limited number made of the most precious materials such as diamonds, emerald or precious stones, PLACE VENDOME, made of pieces set with Swarovski crystals, MARIAGE ETERNEL, refined jewels of Calais lace and elegant sequins, specially designed to be worn in the most beautiful moment of your life, and LOVE IN PARIS, a light and graceful colourful collection.


Marbella will be located on the France pavilion at the following stand:



For more information :


Ms Adeline MONIEZ

Tel. : + 33 1 55 28 17 66

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