The most luxurious argan oil skin care range

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The most luxurious oil skin care range

ar457 introduces the most luxurious argan oil skin care range for the face

Dubai: Argan oil is all the rage and now, the best reason why you should try what everyone is talking about has arrived in the Middle East – the purest argan oil for the ultimate skincare indulgence is in ar457!

More than just a cosmetic active, Argan oil is the natural focus of luxury brand ar457 and the key to its virtuous code: ‘ar’ for argan, ‘4’ for 4 tocopherols, ‘5’ for 5 phytosterols and ‘7’ for 7 bio-molecules.  Argan oil is a very rare and precious oil, which has been used for centuries by the Berber tribes of Morocco.  It is made up of tocopherols, which are natural antioxidants, and therefore essential in preventing the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles.  Phytosterols work to revitalize skin and regenerate cells, whereas the biomolecules heal, protect and disinfect skin.  With the discovery of its potent qualities in recent times, experts have named argan oil as the biggest beauty breakthrough of the 21st century.

This summer, ar457 introduces its face care line to the region with seven products to add to your skin care regimen.  Infused with luxury formulations and suitable for all skin types, looking after your face has never been as indulgent as with these ar457 products:

Skin Cleanser [dmkr]

The virtues of an anti-ageing treatment in a special makeup remover, to cleanse and refine your skin. ar457’s Skin Cleanser [dmkr] for your face, eyes and lips, restores your skin’s natural radiance whilst removing the most resistant makeup. Your skin is not only cleansed but is also moisturised and lifted. The Skin Cleanser also helps recover your skin’s natural radiance. Key effects/benefits: acts as a skin cleanser but also as a real moisturising and anti-ageing efficient treatment; removes even the most resistant make-up, thanks to its affinity with all make-up formulas; and, leaves the skin clean, soft, soothed, and ready to receive further cosmetic care. Price: AED 295

Renewing Argan Scrub [peel]

A unique, exclusive exfoliant scrub with a nourishing Argan base.  Renewing Argan Scrub [peel] is a revolutionary concentrated fluid that offers the smoothing power of micro-pulverised Argan nuts and the continuous moisturising qualities of its natural active ingredients. Your skin is freed from its impurities and its dull outer layer, leaving it nourished, protected and radiant. Key effects/benefits:  double exfoliating action – first: damp, grainy pee­ling, second: dry exfoliant; ensures in-depth cleansing, removes impurities whilst preserving the hydrolipid layer; stimulates microcirculation; and, leaves the skin soft, revitalised and with a wonder­fully radiant complexion. Price: AED 285

Balancing & Refining Mask [eq-M]

The energizing quality of a mask and the richness of Argan oil, this product purifies, balances and restructures skin.  On top of its purifying and deep cleansing qualities, Balancing & Refining Mask [eq-M] adds a complex mix of biodynamic and restructuring active ingredients. Thanks to its film-forming and smoothing properties, it also provides intense protection. Your skin is appreciably softer, suppler, and incomparably beautiful.  Key effects/benefits: the texture ensures deep penetration of the natu­ral ingredients into the skin; stimulates cell regeneration; balances and moisturises the skin; and, tightens the pores to leave the skin clear and soothed.  Price: AED 285

Well-Being Care [dwlb]

This light, yet complex, day cream provides all-round daily care and protects skin from daily stresses and elements, such as pollution and air conditioning. Skin will be left perfectly moisturized, nourished and protected from sun damage due to a SPF 8 and a sunscreen complex (UVA-UVB).  Well-Being Care [dwlb] is an ideal makeup base/primer as the cream is mattifying and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin restored and toned. Key effects/benefits:  the capsules of sun filters acts as real “sunglasses” protecting from sunrays; protects from the daily strains of the environment; restores and tones the skin; and, penetrates quickly, refines and softens the skin.  Price: AED 335

Regenerating Care [ny-t]

Revitalise your skin with ar457’s Regenerating Care. Softened by aloe vera and stimulated and revitalised by active ingredients from the ocean, your skin will experience unprecedented vitality and be left incredibly soft and youthful. ar457’s Regenerating Care [ny-t] is the result of top-level cosmetic research and features a powerful formula that acts in a targeted manner to completely revive your skin. The argan oil provides significant protection from free radicals, as well as active stimulation of all its youth-giving factors. This highly effective cream neutralises free radicals while regulating the skin and also provides an intensive moisture treatment ideal for night application.  Key effects/benefits: stimulates and boosts cell activity for deep regeneration; deeply moisturizes and neutralizes free radicals; and gives elasticity and firmness back to the skin.  Price: AED 375.

Metaserum Elixir [lyf]

ar457’s Metaserum Elixir [lyf] is a powerful serum that produces a spectacular lifting effect on your face and neck, bringing firmness and elasticity back to your skin.  Contained in a beautiful glass bottle, the serum is infused with highly-concentrated active ingredients such as pure argan oil and a powerful complex of nutritive natural ingredients for anti-ageing and inhibiting skin problems.  Other key effects/benefits of the Elixir are: corrects extreme dryness by moisturising deeply; protects the skin from free radicals; ideal for smoothing out traces of fatigue after an exhausting work day or a sleepless night; and acts as a rescue serum for unexpected spots, minor burns, splitting nails and dry hair lengths.  Price: AED 455.

Long Lasting Eye Contour [look]

Get an immediate response to the visible signs of ageing with ar457’s Long Lasting Eye Contour [look]. Gradually rejuvenate around the eyes while stimulating and revitalising your entire look.  ar457’s Long Lasting Eye Contour is designed for total effectiveness and is made from a subtle blend of active ingredients that offer an immediate response to the visible signs of ageing. With a duo of biopolymers and atelocollagen, this formula works to smooth and fill wrinkles and fine lines. This cream is also combined with a highly sophisticated light-diffusing effect which is designed to minimise the look of imperfections. It gradually rejuvenates the eye area with stimulating and revitalising effects and ensures that your skin recovers its elasticity, suppleness, and glow. Eyes seem fuller and the eye area takes on a more youthful appearance.  Key effects/benefits: brings a natural “smoothing” and lifting effect; acts as a long-lasting eye contour, reduces wrinkles and retightens the skin; and moisturizes and nourishes the fragile eye contour zone.  Price: AED 425.

The ar457 face care range is available at Beauty Solutions Trading, and can be ordered through telephone number +971 4 3746950.  The products can also be purchased online at


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