LPG Signs Partnership

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LPG Signs Partnership

LPG Signs Partnership with Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

LPG enters the hospitality market to offer tourists top treatments in body slimming and anti-aging

Dubai, UAE: French beauty brand LPG, the world leader in natural cellular stimulation, has partnered with Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara, the first luxury five-star city hotel of Anantara in Abu Dhabi, to offer the hotel’s discerning guests its signature Lipomassage body slimming and Endermolift anti-aging treatments.

Set to become a hot-spot for both business and leisure travelers, Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara can now include in its luxury spa the highly effective LPG treatments which are worldwide recognized in cellular stimulation with its exclusive 100% natural and non-invasive body slimming and anti-aging techniques. Backed by extensive research and anchored on French technology, LPG’s Lipomassage and New Endermolift treatments gives you a healthier skin, providing a total face and body solution for high-end guests to experience natural treatments to enhance their body shape and maintain a fresh and youthful glow for their face.

Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept said: “We are excited to partner with Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara and offer guests beauty solutions, from head to toe, that last. Business travelers nowadays have jam-packed schedules and back-to-back meetings. With their busy schedules, they need to unwind and experience top end spa offerings that are not only relaxing but also help them achieve their slimming and anti-aging goals. Working together, we’ll deliver new generation face and body treatments.”

“Today is about putting the customer first and making sure their hotel stay and their experience with our brand is extremely rewarding,” said Daniella Swanepoel, Assistant  Spa Manager, Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. “Together with LPG, we are in the forefront of offering luxury spa treatments centered on creating balance and a feeling of well-being for our customers so they stay fit, healthy and young at any age.”

The LPG treatments are executed in the hotel’s dedicated LPG face and body slimming room. Hotel guests can choose from a range of effective and results-oriented treatments which include:

LPG Endermolift Anti-aging Cellular Stimulation
A 100% natural anti-aging technique to re-densify the skin and reduce the signs of aging, Endermolift offers immediate results, including a healthy glow and a natural, soothing lifting effect. Each session’s results add up to fill in wrinkles from within, redefine contours and clarify the complexion.

LPG Android Lipomassage Treatment (35 Minutes)
This treatment is for women with an apple-shaped or ”android” silhouette, in other words those whose upper body (stomach, back, arms) is predisposed to fat storage. LPG Roll’in helps tp slim down fat cells resistant to physical exercise and dieting. In addition, LPG Roll’out action tones the skin. Session after session the silhouette slims down and roundness disappears.

LPG Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment (35 Minutes)
This treatment is for women with a pear-shaped or “gynoid” silhouette. In other words, those who lower body (hips, buttocks, legs) are predisposed to fat storage. The combined action of LPG Roll’in and Roll’ out helps to slim down fat cells and firm the skin. The additional LPG Roll’up action harmoniously re-sculpts shapes and effectively smoothes orange-peel skin.

LPG Body Firming Treatment (45 Minutes)
Beginning with consultation and body fat measurement, each treatment is specifically designed to slim down fat cells, smooth cellulite, firm the skin or re-sculpt your figure. Your certified therapist will help choose the right treatment for you.

LPG Sports Recovery (20 minutes)
Look and feel your best with the sports recovery programme which helps to relax joint stiffness, improve motor function and assist the recovery process after intense workouts. This particular treatment is recommended for active guests who play different sports such as golf, soccer, tennis, basketball and many others.

LPG Cellulite Slimming Treatment (60 Minutes)
This treatment is an upgrade to the 45-minute LPG session, utilising the benefits of LPG along with specific serums and an active body mask to increase circulation and penetrate deep into the layer of the skin for optimal cellulite benefits. A consistent series of these are recommended for best results.

Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara and LPG invite guests to experience the ultimate LPG pampering and slimming treatments for a delightful and soothing experience. The treatments provide relaxation therapy that has positive effects on both health and beauty.

For spa reservations at the Anantara Spa at Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara call+971 2 656 1146 or email easternmangroves_spa@anantara.com

About LPG:
LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation and inventors of the Endermologie® technique, specialising in non-aggressive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkles and cellulite. Endermologie® treatments, which include Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™, are offered in over 110 countries with over 200,000 women treated each day. Its effectiveness is validated by more than 110 scientific studies, and responds to the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve natural beauty.
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From lush jungles to pristine beaches and legendary deserts to cosmopolitan cities, Anantara currently boasts more than 28 stunning properties located in Thailand, the Maldives, Bali, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Mozambique and the United Arab Emirates; with future properties to open in Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Laos, Qatar and Oman.

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