LPG Participates at Dubai Derma 2014

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LPG Participates at Dubai Derma 2014

LPG Participates at Dubai Derma 2014

Brings Top Skin Specialist from France and

Breakthrough Technologies in Anti-Aging and Body Slimming

Dubai, UAE: LPG, the world leader in natural cellular stimulation, is participating in The Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition (Dubai Derma 2014) which will be held from 8th to 10th April, 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

LPG will showcase its latest machines that offer treatments for anti-aging, body contouring, reshaping, cellulite smoothing, lymphatic drainage, and body slimming which are being distributed in the Middle East region. For 100% natural, non-invasive treatments for both body and face, LPG is the first to introduce machines that operate on mecano-stimulation technique which provide rapid, risk-free and painless results. The technology reactivates the cells responsible for youthful skin and slimming (i.e. fibroblasts and adipocytes) which result in a younger, slimmer physique and a radiant glowing complexion for the face.

The machines on showcase include the latest generation LPG CELLU M6 which delivers the most advanced LIPOMASSAGE and ENDERMOLIFT techniques for precision facial and body treatments. Created in 1986 by LPG, the 100% natural cellular stimulation technique called ENDERMOLOGIE treats connective tissue transformations for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes, proven by more than 110 scientific studies.

Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept said: “Dubai Derma is a huge platform for LPG to promote its breakthrough products and services. Every year, Dubai Derma proves to be successful providing us with an opportunity to meet top dermatologists and share our products with industry experts worldwide.”

The New Endermolift™ is the first and only technology in the world scientifically proven to increase the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80%*to leave a glowing complexion, with fine lines smoothed and plumped, and puffiness and dark circles treated. With the ability to act deep within the dermis, targeting and naturally stimulating fibroblasts and fat cells, collagen production is also boosted by 23% and the natural synthesis of elastic fibres, increased by 46%*, dramatically improving the skin’s suppleness. The New Endermolift™, launched in January in the region is the next generation in non-aggressive, anti-aging treatments to naturally rejuvenate skin from within.

Professor Humbert, Head of the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon, France and Director of the European Skin Study and Research Centre, carried out a one-of-a-kind study on the biopsies of 20 individuals who were treated on half of their face with New Endermolift™.

“This study is a world first that really proves the revolutionary effectiveness of Endermolift™, giving hope to those looking to stay young naturally,” says Professor Humbert. “After analysing the biopsies, we could see how fibroblasts were able to move and secrete substances in skin that decrease as we grow older: collagen which makes the skin firmer, elastin which makes it elastic, and hyaluronic acid which keeps it hydrated.”

Dubai Derma is one of the largest and most advanced conferences focusing on skin care, and attracts the most specialised dermatologists from all over the world. A leading event in the Middle East region, it showcases the best practices in dermatology science and the latest technology in skin care through specialized exhibitions, lectures, courses and workshops.





  1. Following the global launch of New Endermolift™, LPG® has won two prestigious global beauty awards: the Innovation Award 2013 for Aesthetic Medicine at Face2Face Cannes, and the Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy 2013 at AMEC, Paris.
  2. With MÉCANO-STIMULATION*, the various LPG roll actions (i.e. ROLL’In, ROLL’Up, ROLL’Out) trigger intensive biological responses: the stimulation of fat cells reactivates the elimination of resistant fat and the stimulation of fibroblasts (“firming” cells) revitalizes collagen and elastin production. After 6 sessions, stubborn fat reserves are broken down, curves are re-sculpted, cellulite is smoothed and loose skin is firmed – naturally. Session after session, skin quality improvements and figure toning will increase.

About LPG:

LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation and inventors of the Endermologie® technique, specialising in non-aggressive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkles and cellulite. Endermologie® treatments, which include Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™, are offered in over 110 countries with over 200,000 women treated each day. Its effectiveness is validated by more than 110 scientific studies, and responds to the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve natural beauty.





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