Lovin My Bags New “Bag Care” Product Range

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Lovin My Bags Middle East Launches first of its kind
Innovative “Bag Care” Product Range for
Luxury Designer Handbags

  • Proprietary products available for all leather types and skins and suitable for maintaining designer handbags in harsh climates

Lovin My Bags Middle East has announced the launch of an extensive product range to cater to the needs of the Middle East luxury market, which demands a bespoke and high-end solution for the maintenance of leather designer handbags in such harsh climates. Lovin My Bags proprietary leather care products have been created with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotics. The leather conservation technology and products are backed by professional leather restoration services which are offered in Dubai at the first Lovin My Bags Middle East boutique and handbag spa at Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Founded in the United States of America by Barbara and Gary Crouthamel, Lovin My Bags is the first ever system and specialized bag spa for cleaning and restoration of luxury handbags and leather goods in the world.

Lovin My Bags has engineered products & services specifically for this part of the world. The products come as a convenient “Handbag Care Kit” which includes three essential products for complete maintenance and care including, a protector, that acts as a repellent against oil and water and also prevents dyes from entering the leather, a cleanser, which works miraculously to wipe off stains and stubborn dyes before they seep deep inside the leather; and a moisturiser to maintain the delicate and soft finishing.

Dhiraj Munjwani, Partner & Director, Lovin My Bags Middle East, said: “We are excited to introduce for the first time ever in this market a complete range of products that cater to different leather types such as Vachetta leather, lambskins, natural and glossy leathers. Our principals in the US have invested heavily to respond to customer needs that really value their luxury purchases and look for uncompromised results. Leather needs protection, cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning and miracle products to keep it looking its best and we are confident our luxury customers will be relieved to finally find a solution to their bag and leather care issues.”

The entire range is currently available for retail at the exclusive Lovin My Bags Middle East boutique at Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Lovin My Bags Middle East is also in talks with key fashion retailers and distributors in the UAE and Middle East markets for strategic alliances and partnerships.

Jai Tolani, Partner & Director, Lovin My Bags Middle East, said: “There are no other products created specifically for handbag leathers. The leather care products on the market today are for general use such as for cars or furniture and are not safe for most aniline leathers. We use the best cosmetic grade ingredients that are more costly than industrial cleaning products found in most leather cleaners today. We manufacture our products in small quantities and test its effectiveness by using it in our professional restoration services. No other service company has this specialized vertical integration.”

The product range also includes a special product for protection of bag handles and for dyes from Abayas & Jeans.  Interested customers and key retailers can contact info@lovinmybags.ae or call + 971 4 3866081 for enquiries.


About Lovin My Bags Middle East


Lovin My Bags is the latest international franchise concept, which has been brought to the Middle East shores by partners Jai Tolani and Dhiraj Munjwani, with the first boutique in Dubai, UAE at Palm Strip Shopping Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road.

With over 35 years in leather restoration and conservation experience, the brand introduced the very first system of handbag cleaning and exclusive handbag care products, developed to prolong the life and beauty of luxury designer handbags and other leather belongings.  They specialize in cleaning and restoring designer brands including Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga, Dior, Cartier, Chloe, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, amongst all others.

Both partners spent almost over a year in carefully planning the concept by running feasibility studies, studying local market dynamics, evaluating customer needs, getting the right location for the first boutique, training, staffing and finally launching with the right marketing channels.

Depending on the condition of the bag, the leather and the fabric and the services, it can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks and may take as long as 8 weeks sometimes, based on the restoration process that makes sure to do the least amount of refinishing, which ensures the leather remains soft and smooth.

Also available at Lovin My Bags are exclusive home-use handbag products and kits for different leathers including Louis Vuitton Vachetta, Chanel Lambskins, natural and shiny/glossy leathers. The kits include a cleanser, moisturizer & a protector. The product range also includes a special product for protection of bag handles and for dyes from Abayas & Jeans for example.

For more details on Lovin My Bags, kindly visit:  www.lovinmybags.ae or log on to their Facebook page www.facebook.com/LovinMyBagsMiddleEast


Visit the Lovin My Bags boutique at Palm Strip Mall, Level 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

Ph: +971 4 3866081, info@lovinmybags.ae


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Partner & Director – Lovin My Bags Middle East





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